Thursday, May 5, 2011

Because I Said So!

Yes this is a great movie but it also is a phrase your mother has told you a thousand times! That along with...

-"I just want what is best for you"
-"As long as you live under my roof, you'll do as I say"
-"Call me when you get there, just so I know you're okay"
-"How many times do I have to tell you"

Seriously, the list could go on and on ;)! But we all know mothers only say those things because they love us and want us to grow up to be at least semi respectable adults!

But mom, what are you trying to teach me here?

What can I say about my mom :)? She is so scared right now of what I am about to type haha! Don't worry mom this is a complete love fest blog. But
be careful in the future, I'm starting to get blog followers so I do have the power of "Publish Post"!

I actually am struggling trying to write this blog. How do you even begin to describe the person who has made you who you are, taken care of every wound, been a shoulder to cry on, pushed you to be the best person you could be, and loved you unconditionally from the start. On a side note: It definitely was from the start aka birth for my mother as my dad had to convince her to have a 3rd child by promising it would be a girl. My dad had cojones of steel making that promise, so props to my father ;). (Not sure if Nathan wants to thank him or not)

Back to the woman of the day, my mom Nancy! I feel like we have had a very unusual bond that most mothers and daughters either "think" they have and or wish they had. Not many mothers and daughters would talk about going past "3rd base", jump out of planes together, be the first one a daughter thinks of for a late night drunk call, and basically anything else that you would probably want to do/talk about with your closest friends. But that is what my mom is, a friend! Don't mistake that for those moms that were "friends" with their kids in middle & high school. She was DEFINITELY not one of those...

In high school I heard the phrase "You can do that when you get to college" a lot! Now thinking about it, we lived in a small town so she probably thought whatever I did wouldn't make it all the way back to our town! A lot of times my friends would laugh because I couldn't do what they could and or if I did go against what my mother said I would have to walk home from school after going to a party the weekend before. But my mom also treated my friends like her kids because they were around so much and they found out real fast, the rules apply to them if they were her responsibility for the night! Pretty sure she had a couple of them crying one night when she said she had called their moms lol! She really didn't call them, but wanted to teach the girls a lesson...evil!! lol! Some may of called her strict, but looking back, she kept me a child longer which the world needs. So often these days kids are thrown into adult situations and well...we all know how that turns out! Tough love people...they'll thank you later! And we did... with a shot ;). Please note the picture below is not from HS! Like Nancy said "You can do that when you get to college" :)

Now that I have grown up, my mom is still my mom but she is also my friend. As much as she doesn't want to admit it, we are a lot a like ;)! I think she cringes because she is hoping that my bad qualities aren't what we have in common! But being so much alike is comforting knowing you always have someone to talk to that will understand or has been there and most importantly won't judge!

We also have a lot of fun together! Whether it be shopping, drinking, talking, and most recently jumping out of a plane together we always create great memories! It's fun almost having a twin (now I know what Kelly & Kindra feel like) that likes the same things you like and is willing to try new things with you! The only thing that makes me regret our closeness is the fact that my mother is a super freak when it comes to working out! She will out live us all haha! But the reason I say this is because when we run races together, we both about die until someone goes "Ok, I can't keep up if you are going to go this fast" and then the other goes "I was just going this fast because I was trying to keep up with you". Competitiveness runs heavy in this family!!

My mom is truly an inspiration for me and many others. She has had some hard times in her life, but continues to amaze me everyday with her strength. Daily I don't know how to do something and the first person I think of is my mom :)! Good thing like I mentioned above, she will live until she is 100!

I love my mom for who she is... which is my grandmother :). My grandmother is a witty and talented woman. She and my mother are basically the reason I never learned how to cook until I was 25. They are amazing at cooking/ grandma's chocolate sheet cake...oh I die!! If you know me, my mother, or my grandmother than you know us all! The only thing my grandma has not passed on yet is her well...let's just say I was surprised I fit into her wedding dress because I don't have a pair of assets she has. OMG, she is going to love that I talked about her cha cha's on my blog!

I love you grandma! Oh and guess what...we are more alike than you think. I fell in the bathroom on Friday! You were the first person who came to my mind lol. You would think us being so low to the ground that wouldn't happen :)!

So Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there, new and old! Not being a mother myself because it scares me to death, I have so much respect for you all! Hopefully one day I'll feel confident in raising a human being's life!

To my mother...

I couldn't of asked for a better person to be the one who was in charge of me being who I am today. Our relationship is truly special! You are so gifted (I know if only we could get paid for our gifts), smart, witty, and without a doubt beautiful!! I tell you all the time, but I don't know what I would do without you! I Love you...

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