Thursday, May 5, 2011

A US Celebration of Mexican Heritage & Pride

Why shouldn't Americans celebrate Mexicans? Think about it...
  • Mexicans are smart. America put up a fence and still approximately 12 million Mexican Americans are living in the US.
  • Mexicans gave Americans Mexican food. I can not live with out salsa, guacamole, and chips!
  • Mexicans gave us Salma Hayek & Enrique Iglesias!
  • Mexicans made it socially accepted to drink margaritas anytime of the day on May 5th!
So in honor of Cinco de Mayo here are a few of my favorites to help you celebrate!

Ranch Guacamole
If you were an avid reader of my "Food Blog" (I know there were about 2 of you ;) then you have seen this recipe before. But it is so good, I couldn't help but share it again! Healthy guac...they'll never know the difference ;)

It just takes a little bit of time to cut everything up, but if you have a helper :) it can be made fast! Puree the peas, then in a separate bowl smash the avocado. Add the chopped tomatoes, garlic, and pepper (Nate says you could probably leave in the seeds to give it even more flavor)! Add the onion and BAM…it’s done!! And man oh man does it taste good!

Of course you need a bag of Tostito scoops to get the most guac possible on every chip :) 49 calories per serving….shoot that is only like 5mins on the treadmill…or if you are like me probably 10-15 minutes b/c you can’t control yourself ;)

Jon's Margaritas

You can't go wrong when 2/3's of the recipe is alcohol :)!

(1) Frozen Limeade
(1) 12 oz Can of Beer
(1) Frozen Limeade container worth of tequila. (I like them strong, but you could always cut back on the tequila if you have to drive ;P)

Hit the "Blend" button and your mouth will start to water like mine is just typing this! Cheers!

Hasta luego!

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