Monday, January 31, 2011

SAG Awards aka "Let's Praise Each Other Awards" Fashion

To be honest I totally forgot this was even on last night. Oh well, I only truly want to see the fashion! As for people thanking their producer's wife's cousin's husband...I can deal without. So as a post show look at the fashion here are my awards...

Who knew going "NUDE" would be a hit
These two look flawless in their gowns. Hilary Swank in Versace and Heather Morris in Romona Keveza.

Killing it in Red:
58 year old Christine Baranski rocked red! While Tina Fey stepped it up in her Oscar de la Renta dress also in the racy red color!

Definite Maybes:
Julia Stiles wore her Monique Lhuillier gown beautifully. It almost looked like her dress was illuminated from the bottom. Too drastic of a color change? Also Claire Danes stepped out of the solid color gown box and went for a Louis Vuitton print gown. It looked awesome but did the print make it too casual?

If You Got It, Flaunt It...Not the Case Here:
Though these two have on form fitting dresses, their to die for bods are lost in the wrongness that is happening with their dresses. Not sure why Nicole Kidman is obsessed with lace, it never fairs well for her. This Nina Ricci dress just looks cheapened by it. And January Jones looks like she is wearing a Russian handkerchief!

Visions in White:
Post baby Amy Adams is showing off her curves in all the right ways. I love the detail of her Herve Leroux gown. Pre baby Natalie Portman deserves the most improved from her dress at the Golden Globes to this Azzaro gown which shows off her bump beautifully.

Please Let Me Be Famous So I Can Wear These Dresses:
Put Angie Harmon's Monique Lhuillier dress in white and you've got my 2nd wedding gown! Don't freak people I want to marry the same man again, but what girl doesn't want a second wedding! Also, I'm not a Gleek so not really a fan of Lea Michele but I die for that Oscar de la Renta gown!

And the Winners are...
Julia Bowen in her Valentino jumpsuit! I mean, she looked smokin' and how original. I totally want to STL (Steal that Look)! The other winner of the night, Mila Kunis. Her Alexander McQueen gown looked effortless and fresh! You just can't help by stare!

Who was your best dressed?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm Starting to Fist Pump at Work

My husband and well everyone tells me I watch too much reality TV. So as a New Years resolution I cut out 5 reality TV shows (yes I have plenty left)! One of which that is still on my list is Jersery Shore! I can not get enough of Snooki! Her and her party in the glass friend are freaking hilarious this season.

The point is, I'm glad I watch the show or I would be out of the loop at work!


At work we are asked to go on work trips and to promote them, they send out emails trying to make the destination enticing. So how do they promote Jersey? With a picture of "the Sitch" (which I like to call him) or more commonly known as "the Situation" and "Pauly D". INSTANTLY I want to GTL (Gym, Tan, Laundry) and my hand makes a fist and starts to pump up into the air.

This tells you a couple things about my company...

A. Most of the people are 25-35 yrs. old
B. They assume even educated professionals make time in their social/home life for mindless trashy TV.
and C. And the person who sent out the email is OBVIOUSLY a fan!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Bachelor Reminds Me of a Train Wreck!

Could the Bachelor be any more obvious this season?! Hmmm.....what is a girls biggest fear? Let's find out and make her do that in front of Brad. So if I was on the show they would put me in a snake pit. GET SERIOUS people! Also, as soon as I see a rose in the rain with scary music I'm like "and camera shot of Michelle". Her theme song just gets creeper every episode!

Right off the bat, the episode begins with none other than the creeper herself or should I say "Rocky Balboa". Michelle wakes up with a black eye. She kept asking everyone "How do you get a black eye when you sleep"... YOU DON'T! My theory... she is a hairstylist. They have to learn about makeup in their classes I'm sure. Brad looked a little sketched out when he saw it and was like "How are you" as he tapped Chantal on the back like get up so we can go!

Chantal got the first date. It just makes sense after the chemistry they had last episode. He tells her "what is more romantic than a guy picking you up in a helicopter". Well blonde Brad you didn't pick her up in that, you drove your car over and they picked both of you up in the helicopter...anyhow! They take off and go to a place where they walk on the sea floor. Of course she is terrified of water but is a true champ and doesn't freak out. I mean, what is more cute than an under water helmet to helmet kiss! After that they canoodled under the covers while we were bored with their random conversations. I was starting to think never mind for this love story and then after he gave her the rose, I saw them give each other a hard time like a normal couple would do...very cute! And then came the uncomfortable tonsil hockey! We thought it would come to an end when the rain started, but don't worry ABC found a way for them to keep groping each other in a tent, I mean playing hand puppets under each others shirts, I mean talking :)!

The next date was of course the group date! Michelle was SUPER excited she didn't get to be on it, as we all prayed she didn't get ANY date. The women on the group date went on the "Love Line" with Dr. Drew. Stacey shot herself in the foot by being honest about cheating. Brit stepped it up by laying out her feelings about Brad on the radio because she is shy when it's just him and her so she would prefer to do it in front of thousands of listeners! Hey, you go girl, he ate it up! And then Ashely H. opened her mouth and it only got worse from there! When everyone went to get in the hot tub the race for Brad's attention started instantly. Poor Allie talked for 2 minutes and then got interrupted by innocent Ashley S.. The girl on girl interrupting continued until it came to Brit. Maybe he sees her as a challenge but I'm not sure I see them together. Though for being shy, that girl was going at it! Then who of all people walks up...the train wreck herself, Ashley H.. Can we say "DRUNK"?! Nothing was more hilarious than when Brad goes "What are you doing" lol! Brad some! When he finally decides to give the rose he goes "I want to reassure this person that I want them here", I screamed NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. When he got to the hot tub Ashley H. had word vomit again, from too much alcohol I'm sure, and he changed his mind! I DIED laughing! So props to Brit for being 2nd in line!

Last date goes to Rocky, Creeper, Psycho, Michelle! Chantal was hilarious when she goes "Notice how your note says nothing about love" and Michelle freaked. Nice mind game played there! When Brad came to pick her up, he said he needed to talk to the other crazy Ashley H.. Who's pissed...well Michelle of course. Insert awkward fight between Chantal and Michelle, making Michelle look even more dumb. Then finally Brad comes in to a pouty Michelle as she pulls his arm off to get him to leave! What do they do on their date, conquer another fear (tear)! I do have to say, that would of been the date I would of wanted! Repelling off a building, AWESOME! Then we watch them GO AT IT in the pool, then again on the bed, all the while with us cringing at home! And then he asks to meet her kid....puke! She's not going anywhere soon! I think Brad needs more therapy. There is a difference between hard to get and a b***h! Oh and why are her one on one interviews always violent? I think this week she did a double pump hit going "Pow...pow pow". HAHA SO WEIRD!

Brad then complains to his therapist about having to kiss lots of girls. Oh the problems...

At the rose Ceremony, a few things stuck out to me. When he talked with Shawntel and she had him catch her in his arms, I said "She should say this is what we can do when you propose to me" and Nate goes " just pushed me away" LMAO! Then he decides to piss of all the girls in the house except one by asking Emily to talk and grabs a basket with wine, a blanket, and pillows in it. Those girls have a reason to be mad, he is completely in like/love with Emily. Is she with him, not so sure yet! I think she still needs to break out of her shell. Hot only works until gravity sets in! Chantal was a little dramatic about the whole situation which makes my assumptions of what happened in that tent probably right on!

So who did he get rid of:
  • Stacey the Cheat
  • Meghan the Friend
  • Lindsay the Daddy's Girl (what was with that??)

I was so happy he kept Lisa-Kansas and rolled my eyes when I heard Ashley H.!

Looks like VEGAS is going to be crazy next week. You know what they say...
"What happens in Vegas is aired on National TV"!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Inspired by Young House Love

I think anyone who reads blogs daily has Young House Love marked as a favorite! They make everything they do seem like anyone can do it. But who really ever has the time right? So we all just keep reading the blog, loving their creations, and then hope one day we feel motivated enough to take on one of their grand ideas!

Well this year I ACTUALLY wrote down my new years resolutions. And YES, to answer your question, there is a weight loss one on there. I don't think a new year's list is complete without it! Surprisingly I have already marked a few things off the list including my latest project (though I'm not sure I can say MY latest project as you will understand later in the blog)! What is that project you may ask....painting horizontal stripes in the 1/2 bathroom! I know you all are thinking "horizontal stripes....that is like a woman wearing horizontal stripes....just not a good idea"! But I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Like I mentioned above, I was inspired by a blog from Young House Love where they did this to their bathroom.

Here are some before pictures:

The first thing I did was realize me + math/measuring = disaster! I also think my husband Nathan realized that too and soon with hesitation (as he, my mother, and I had a few margaritas the night before- that post will come later :)) offered up his help! Little did I know, this would be the hardest part of the job!

After lots of measuring in tight corners, little to no air circulation and light bulbs that put off LOTS of heat, Nathan was questioning how he got himself into this project and or marriage!

Oh and it probably didn't help that I was starring in the mirror 3/4 of the time when he needed me to hand him tape. Note to more bathroom projects...I'm too vein lol! Oh and any girl who is rolling their eyes, get serious! You know you can't pass a mirror without checking yourself out!

3 hours later (note- if you are not as type A as my husband or I, this could go a lot faster though you would probably have some wavy lines) Nathan's part of the job was done!

Ours had just begun!

My mom and I had the simple job right? Nothing is simple with this family! We marked every other line with a piece of tape so we wouldn't paint the wrong line. Note: This was important because the people who lived in the house prior to us had extra of every paint color EXCEPT this one! So my mom took one corner and I did the other. Right after we get started I get a call from Kindra Maze (HS girlfriend) who was shopping with her mother and were going to stop by if we were home. Well apparently we got excited/distracted and someone (cough mom) painted the wrong line! I was not mad, I was just happy it wasn't me lol! LUCKILY she is a MASTER painter and we found almost the identical paint color. She rocked out the touch up of the area. So which line was it...that stays between those 4 bathroom walls ;)!

Once we finished painting, I also went and got updated handles for the drawers as they were a little "old school".


After (Love These!):

So what does the finished product look like?

I love the results! It turned out better than I had imagined! But of course, we learned a few things along the way...
  • Have both paint colors available JIC (just in case)!
  • Make sure your husband knows he is needed for the project prior to the day of.
  • Young House Love makes things look easy!
  • And getting your help drunk the night before is probably not the best way to motivate the next day.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Prince Alarming?

I know my few readers look for my "Bachelor" updates on Monday, but this one just can't wait! Mr. Perfect Brad Wolmack...ok not perfect, he was a complete butt by not picking either girl at the end of his FIRST Bachelor experience. But all in all I think he has made quite the recovery this season. I even dare to say most women have forgiven him and are now rooting for him!

Well today I open up a tweet link and see don don donnnnnnnnnn.....Brad has a past! Our lovable Bachelor has had trouble in the past of busts for forging a driver's license, public intoxication and passing a bad check. Brad says "You learn from your experiences and move on". This seems to be a reoccurring theme with this guy!

Beware potential Bachelor baby mommas!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Super Model or Super Inappropriate!

Ok people, I am all about the beauty of childbirth but just because you have a kid, and have to show EVERYTHING to a few people (docs/nurses), what makes you want to continue to be an exhibitionist!

Today I'm checking my gossip outlets via the Internet as normal! I can't get my day started without them! And low and behold I come across a Twitter tweet saying "Have you met Flynn. Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom's baby boy". Well of course I'm like, yes let's see what could only be the most handsome little boy coming from Miranda and Orlando. I open the link and BAM, I am instantly shocked by the fact that you could barely see the baby as it's head is being smashed! COME ON WITH THAT! The only people that might enjoy that picture if they can get past they fact that she is breast feeding is men and they don't read gossip sites!

Oh and on a side note, the article also sad she did the childbirth naturally. My thought is if you are doing childbirth naturally you are already on something so why hold out on the drugs that make your who-ha feel like a million bucks!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Bachelor: Keeping the Crazies Around For Ratings

What's a love story without a little crazy right? Pretty sure the show would be SO boring without the girls you love to hate. But every time Michelle comes on the screen, in the background I hear "Hey She's a Crazy B***h but She..." well you know the rest. I think that is what Brad is thinking ;)! Anyhow, here is how the show went down last night!

First date of the night goes to Ashley S.. I was happy he picked her as I really liked her the first night and then poof, no airtime the second episode. Did I think their date was completely cheesy, hell yes! I mean come on, awkward. Seal on the other hand was awesome! I thought it was a little ironic that "Kissed From a Rose" was her and her dad's favorite song. It makes you wonder if producers tell Brad all about the girls before hand hmmm. Ok get serious Katie, of course they do, it's TV! Anyhow, I think the date went well and they get along great. Obviously Brad is into her after seeing that kiss but is she too young for him? Is age just a number after it's legal?

Then comes the group date that Michelle TOTALLY does not want to go on. Again they go on an acting date so girls can get jealous and be distracted by the fact that they really aren't spending that much time with Brad but at least they are on a date! He really was into Shawntel N.. Maybe there is some mystery there, otherwise I don't get it. He gave her the rose and she went to kiss him and he kept giving her pecks like "I gave you this rose as a sign I just want to be best buds". Who I really think he should of given the rose to was Chantal O.. They have GREAT chemistry I did not see coming. He is really into her! And of course Michelle had to get her first kiss. I almost did see fireworks come down in front of their faces like she described in the first episode. He is very attracted to her. Why are men attracted to crazy?!?!

Of course Emily gets the final date. Brad has been obsessed since he saw her get out of that limo. I mean hell, can you blame him, she's hot! At the beginning of the date, I was thinking the same thing as Brad, "Oh she's just hot, that's it". But then she let her guard down and told him about her life and some spark just went off in her. She seems a lot older than 24! Brad of course fell more in love! It will be interesting to see if she can let him in. I think he would of chosen her on the spot if ABC let him. But we shall see...

Before the rose ceremony Brad met with his therapist Jamie. I thought that guy was good. I loved his thought of how we all need to somehow find "comfort in the discomfort" aka still be yourself no matter what. Maybe we all could use a Confucius!

At the actual ceremony, how weird was it when he sat in a separate chair from Allie, sorry girl, you have passed into the friend zone! He also got nice and cozy with Chantal O.. I think they were full on going to do it right there and then miss Blue Balls Michelle came uh creeping! Her strategy confuses me. She tells Brad how they are in a fight and he basically sucks for kissing other girls. He tells her tough noogies and then on his one on one interview he said "She's great I like her aggressiveness". WTF! I guess at least she is showing her crazy now unlike most girls who hide it until they got their man under lock and key! Ashley H. is another girl who's man trap strategy is annoying but AGAIN it works! She acts like a 5 year old pouting and then he comes back and rocks her world with a kiss! I know all the single girls are thinking, "I do that all the time and it doesn't work". Were you wearing spandex like Ashley H.? After that when he met with Madison, I questioned her decision to take out her fangs. Not that she shouldn't but maybe not at that time. I think Brad was as grossed out as I was! It was almost like "Can you hold on while I take out my retainer" and a string of spit is connected from her mouth to it....SICKO!

When Brad was giving out his roses, I thought he choose pretty wisely. I only had a couple of "What?" moments. One, when he kept Meghan over Kimberly, she just didn't seem like his "type". And then at the end I started laughing out loud. When Brad announced the last rose to Stacey, I'm like "WHO IS THAT". She was all excited and said something like "you better not do that again." I was that was a pity ask girl...he was going to pick vampire Madison before you. WOW!

Future thoughts:

There is a new crazy in town!

Also how far will the Kansas girl go?!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Gloden Globe Fashion Winners & People Who Need to Fire Their Stylists

Year after year I continue to watch the award shows, always for the fashion and with wishful thoughts of the show actually being entertaining! Surprisingly the Golden Globes this year kept my attention. Ricky Gervais is quite hilarious though sometimes I questioned if he took it too far. I guess lucky for him most actors are liberals and are against carrying guns :)! But as for the show, I think E! did an awesome job of the recap, so I'll let them handle that.

As for the fashion though, I've got some opinions :)! Fashion brilliance and blunders below.

Divorce has been good to some and ugly to others:
Sandra Bullock looks amazing in Jenny Packham. Not only is the dress fabulous and fits her perfectly, her hair is banging (pun intended)! Ironically enough, her counterpart in this category did not fair so well. Not only did Scarlett make a mistake with dumping her oh so drop dead goregous husband but also in the choice of her dress and color! That Elie Saab gown was just all wrong!

Look Who Stuffed In All the Right Places:
Rarely am I a fan of Angelina Jolie's wardrobe but she rocked it this time. Not only did she choose the color of the night but in that Swarovski-encrusted Atelier Versace gown she looked flawless. I loved the structure of the dress and the softness. Also rocking the shoulder pad was Anne Hathaway. In a backless Armani Prive gown she proved she has come a long way since "The Princess Diaries"! I loved the champagne color with the sparkle, very chic!

Stunning at Every Age:
These ladies are truly timeless. It appears as though they get better with age! Catherine Zeta-Jones is a classic beauty in her Monique Lhuillier ball gown. The hot color of the night was to die for on her! Also looking on point was Michelle Pfeiffer. Call it botox or good genes, the woman makes getting older something to look forward too!

No Risky Business Here:
I feel like I have been there seen that! Though all three ladies look impecable, I just feel like each needed to take more of a risk! Eva Longoria looked amazing in her Zac Posen gown. It had a beautiful cutout in the back. Black just seemed like the safe choice for her. Carrie Underwood sparkled in her Badgley Mischka dress but I feel as though it's always sparkles with her. I would love to see her in a more asymmetric dress with a bold color. And Megan Fox, we all know well is a fox in anything she wears or doesn't wear but here in her Armani Prive gown, she faded into the background for me.

Calvin Klein=Golden Globes....Not So Sure:
Though both these women look beautiful in their sleek Calvin Klein dresses, I think it worked more for Claire Danes. Sometimes I feel as though her style can be a little off beat so I was pleasantly surprised with this simply choice. Emma Stone who was also nominated opted for a simple peach form fitting dress. Though the back was to die for, I guess I wanted more glitz from this young star or the dress in a different color.

Mixed Feelings...At Least They Went For It:
Considering Christian Aguilera was in Burlesque, I think her dress fit the part. Do I think the Zuhair Murad gown was Golden Globe worthy, not so sure. As for January Jones, I think she hit the mark with a red gown, but her Versace dress possible lost some tasteful points with so many holes in the dress.

Pop to Movie Stars...Who Can Handle the Fame:
Sometimes I wonder if because singers/dancers wear so little while they perform, they just can't figure out how to dress the rest of their body. In Mandy Moore's case, she's got it covered! In a Monique Lhuillier gown, she looked stunning! I loved every part of that dress! J.LO was a vision in white with her Zuhair Murad gown. Though I am not sure why she had an awkward shaw on. Julianne Hough unfortuantely missed the mark with her Marchesa gown. Not sure why she is trying to look her bf's (Ryan Seacrest) age!

No Mirrors were Involved in Getting Ready:
Just utterly confused! Heidi Klum should not be allowed to critique fashion after her Marc Jacobs mistake! I also think that Leighton Meester is a big enough star now to hire a NEEDED stylist because this Burberry Prorsum dress is just one of many bad fashion choices she has made. Julianne Moore is so pretty but this Lanvin dress is so not! And Halle Berry looked like she went shopping at Deb's with that Nina Ricci dress.

Rooting For the Ones You Love:
We all have stars we love and root for! The four below I am complete a fan of and always cross my fingers for. Fashion wise I think they were all almosts! Jennifer Love Hewitt in her Romona Keveza gown had the right color but wrong shape for her body type. Preggers Natalie Portman had the right style with her Viktor & Rolf dress but WTF with the flower?! Nicole Kidman's Prada dress was amazing and the color was perfect for her. The only downfall was the bowtie in the middle of the gown that dresses it down. And Michelle Williams had the right thought to play up her corky style with a Valentino dress but unfortunately she lost me at the daisies.

Dark Horses:
Though these two are "stars", they really aren't who you normally think of when you hear the word. But they rocked the carpet anyway! I love Julie Bowen's Tadashi Shoji gown. The color is AMAZING and the details are perfect. Olivia Wilde also killed it! I may be a sucker for sparkle but this Marchesa dress was a show stopper!

Should You Be Judging:
In Giuliana Rancic's case, yes she should! That girl looked beyond gorgeous. She knows what works and works it! Kelly Osbourne in Zac Posen on the other hand, she should put herself on the "worst dressed" for Fashion Police on E!

As a wrap up, I loved the fashion this year! The good the bad and the ugly :). Below are the final winners :)

Best Dressed:

Worst Dressed: