Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Bachelor: Keeping the Crazies Around For Ratings

What's a love story without a little crazy right? Pretty sure the show would be SO boring without the girls you love to hate. But every time Michelle comes on the screen, in the background I hear "Hey She's a Crazy B***h but She..." well you know the rest. I think that is what Brad is thinking ;)! Anyhow, here is how the show went down last night!

First date of the night goes to Ashley S.. I was happy he picked her as I really liked her the first night and then poof, no airtime the second episode. Did I think their date was completely cheesy, hell yes! I mean come on, awkward. Seal on the other hand was awesome! I thought it was a little ironic that "Kissed From a Rose" was her and her dad's favorite song. It makes you wonder if producers tell Brad all about the girls before hand hmmm. Ok get serious Katie, of course they do, it's TV! Anyhow, I think the date went well and they get along great. Obviously Brad is into her after seeing that kiss but is she too young for him? Is age just a number after it's legal?

Then comes the group date that Michelle TOTALLY does not want to go on. Again they go on an acting date so girls can get jealous and be distracted by the fact that they really aren't spending that much time with Brad but at least they are on a date! He really was into Shawntel N.. Maybe there is some mystery there, otherwise I don't get it. He gave her the rose and she went to kiss him and he kept giving her pecks like "I gave you this rose as a sign I just want to be best buds". Who I really think he should of given the rose to was Chantal O.. They have GREAT chemistry I did not see coming. He is really into her! And of course Michelle had to get her first kiss. I almost did see fireworks come down in front of their faces like she described in the first episode. He is very attracted to her. Why are men attracted to crazy?!?!

Of course Emily gets the final date. Brad has been obsessed since he saw her get out of that limo. I mean hell, can you blame him, she's hot! At the beginning of the date, I was thinking the same thing as Brad, "Oh she's just hot, that's it". But then she let her guard down and told him about her life and some spark just went off in her. She seems a lot older than 24! Brad of course fell more in love! It will be interesting to see if she can let him in. I think he would of chosen her on the spot if ABC let him. But we shall see...

Before the rose ceremony Brad met with his therapist Jamie. I thought that guy was good. I loved his thought of how we all need to somehow find "comfort in the discomfort" aka still be yourself no matter what. Maybe we all could use a Confucius!

At the actual ceremony, how weird was it when he sat in a separate chair from Allie, sorry girl, you have passed into the friend zone! He also got nice and cozy with Chantal O.. I think they were full on going to do it right there and then miss Blue Balls Michelle came uh creeping! Her strategy confuses me. She tells Brad how they are in a fight and he basically sucks for kissing other girls. He tells her tough noogies and then on his one on one interview he said "She's great I like her aggressiveness". WTF! I guess at least she is showing her crazy now unlike most girls who hide it until they got their man under lock and key! Ashley H. is another girl who's man trap strategy is annoying but AGAIN it works! She acts like a 5 year old pouting and then he comes back and rocks her world with a kiss! I know all the single girls are thinking, "I do that all the time and it doesn't work". Were you wearing spandex like Ashley H.? After that when he met with Madison, I questioned her decision to take out her fangs. Not that she shouldn't but maybe not at that time. I think Brad was as grossed out as I was! It was almost like "Can you hold on while I take out my retainer" and a string of spit is connected from her mouth to it....SICKO!

When Brad was giving out his roses, I thought he choose pretty wisely. I only had a couple of "What?" moments. One, when he kept Meghan over Kimberly, she just didn't seem like his "type". And then at the end I started laughing out loud. When Brad announced the last rose to Stacey, I'm like "WHO IS THAT". She was all excited and said something like "you better not do that again." I was thinking...um that was a pity ask girl...he was going to pick vampire Madison before you. WOW!

Future thoughts:

There is a new crazy in town!

Also how far will the Kansas girl go?!

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  1. OH MY GOSH, seriously who the heck is Stacey?!? I have never seen that girl in my life!! I think Lisa is probably gone next week…considering the only words she has said on the show were "is she okay?" when Madison left. Oh Katie, thanks for the recap and the sweet Rascal Flatts tunes :)