Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Zen in 2011!

Ok, it has definitely been a while since I have blogged....well at least on this blog. Don't tell "24/7 Koesters" but I cheated with my "Pass the Ketchup" blog! Don't worry only lasted 8 months :)! Maybe I should combine?? Another thing to go on my resolution list....which has become quite extensive! I would share but then my 0 followers would hold me to it ;)

2011 has really started off with a bang. And by bang I mean...i have become a total slacker so my 2011 starts Saturday, right after my eye surgery process is complete. You might be thinking...are you freaking crazy?! And my husband would tell you yes but for many other reasons (one of which he just can't get is being a "girl" puts you in the category of crazy). Any who, totally excited. Maybe I'll get nervous when they are about to laser my eye lens but until then...only enthusiasm!
Some people say the best part is the person who is in the room specifically just to hold your hand. If you know me at all, that kind of makes me cringe thinking about a stranger touching me. I know what you are thinking....who doesn't like support and a nice hug...THIS GIRL! Believe me, my mother and I have tried to figure out if she hugged me too much as a child or what. It is what it is people. I think this video hits the mark on what might happen if someone tries to hold my hand...

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