Thursday, January 13, 2011

Guess What....I'm Pregnant!

OH MAN...GOT YOU! But seriously, there seems to be a theme going around at work! It's either the co-worker/friend is pregnant or trying like hell to be so they get a break from work (shout out KL ;))! I am beyond excited for my girlfriends as they are all over the hill excited and are going to be such cute preggo ladies! I am starting to invision our lunches looking a bit more like this...

Minus the spandex and also the exercise that no one should know you are doing!

I tell my husband each time I find out and the same thing comes out of his mouth "Don't get the fever" or "Don't drink the water". And most days it is really hard not to think about it because how fun will it be to have a mini me/Nate, all the hugs and kisses, playing dress up, teaching them about life (all the other reasons which you can't help but love the thought of but everyone says are not reasons to have a baby- time off from work, stretchy pants, eating more, no hangovers lol). I do however love the future that my husband dreams of which is being debt free, the cash flow :), a lake house, and also the present of ... well my favorite thing SLEEP! So I guess I can hold off for a while and enjoy my favorite thing until my next favorite thing comes along down the road. SORRY GRANDMOTHERS! And FYI, telling us "I'm not getting any younger" doesn't speed up the process!

There is only one other thing that keeps the baby process from starting at the Koester house as of now....THE ABSOLUTE TERROR OF HAVING A WATERMELON! (Sorry to my co-workers/friends who are currently pregnant. I'm sure it will feel like heaven :/). But seriously every year I get older I find something else wrong with my body and I'm only 25! I can't imagine the train wreck after I give birth someday! Oh and I was once fat did I mention, so I probably won't have any complex about after baby weight...HA! All kidding aside, I am sure it will be a beautiful thing one day and my body will be ready when my mind is :)!

Though one co-worker (male mind you) tells me that "the older you get the less likely your body will bounce back." Instead of that making me want to get pregnant it causes me to feel like doing something else like....eye poke, sucker punch, or just the regular old slap!

In conclusion, I am pumped for my co-workers/friends! Bring on the baby showers....just leave out the details of what you see on the "video" you watch in your birthing class!

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  1. Katie--I can't believe you've been holding out on me with your blog you little rat! This post made me laugh out loud...can't wait to read more!