Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Bachelor aka Peekaboo!

Ok people, raise your hand if the Bachelor makes you uncomfortable while you are sitting at home on your couch with it's TOTALLY awkward moments! I feel like I am hiding behind my hands 3/4 of the show in embarrassment for these girls! I missed week 1 but the only thing that really happened was that Chantal slapped Brad. I can't blame her...but not the game plan I would of gone with!

So as for last night...

The show started off with a date with Ashley H.. A carnival? Get serious...and you know she was thinking the same thing in her fab dress! Her bio said she is 26...but I am just not buying it! Oh well...at least she looks closer to Brad's age :)! Their date went great...they giggle, they kissed, they discussed how messed up they are because of their dads! What a moment. Just not feeling those two.

Onto the 15 girl date! The date consisted of acting....can we say "already been done"! I mean come on...we all knew girls would be mad when other girls got to kiss Brad. And we all knew one of them would be Michelle because well "she's 30". Let's take a moment to discuss how weird it was when she described the fireworks that would be going off behind Brad and her when they kissed (insert her weird gesture of them coming down in front of her face OMG). Anyhow, I do give props to Keltie for rocking the neck brace and casts on her arms. She seemed fun, I would of liked to see her stay for another couple rounds. And then the only other notable performance during the day portion of that date was Melissa. WOW, that girl lost her marbles for a moment! By running onset to kiss Brad, I just saw desperate flashing on the screen! Later that night Brad giving the rose to Michelle, I don't get! He definitely had his eyes shut when he picked her ;)!

As for the final date of the show with Jackie, the highlight was definitely Train, the band. She's nice and sweet, but I didn't see the connection with Brad that I think he already has with some of the other girls. I think he might be too nice. He needs to take heed from Jillian where she basically cut her one on ones each time! But hopefully he doesn't choose an "Ed" in the end. Everyone thought they would be together forever.... :P

At the rose ceremony, girls shot themselves in the foot! Again, wished Keltie could of stayed for a while but Melissa and Raichel you looked like emotional disasters!

Thoughts as of now...
  • Lisa M. is adorable! And I have to root for a Kansas girl.
  • Shawntel was shown in episodes later in the season...curious what happens there.
  • Will Madison keep the fangs? I mean she can't be serious.
  • Ashely S. is a bit of a quiet/dark horse! She is definitely in the top 3
  • And Emily could be the twist this season! Brad seems heads over heels, but I see some hesitation with her....only time will tell!
Until the next rose...

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