Monday, February 28, 2011

Awkwardly Boring Academy Awards

I was super excited to see the Academy Awards BUT WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT! Anne Hathaway was a co-host and is always awkward but she also came across as endearing. Possibly with a different co-host things could of gone better for her but James Franco was just WEIRD. His jokes bombed! "Young and hip" turned into "Not old enough and not cool enough". Unfortunately for these two, it really was on them to make the show entertaining as the rest of the show was about people who lets be honest, no one cares directors, screen writers, scores, etc.. If I was famous I would of walked the red carpet and then left but reality check...I'm not...YET!

Enough with the 2 wasted hours of my life and onto the well spent 1 1/2 hrs of red carpet fashion :)!!

Battle of the Reds!
Talk about the color of the night. Let's start with Sandra Bullock or "Sandy" as Ryan Seacrest called her! This woman keeps sticking it to her Ex! She has truly never looked better and this Vera Wang hugs her in all the right spots. And when she presented, her wit only made her more beautiful! As for Anne Hathaway her Valentino gown was beautiful but against Sandra, it falls flat. Lastly Jennifer Hudson looks banging in her Versace! I have mixed feelings about the top of the dress but she's in the mood to show off her new body so rock it out!

Been There, Seen That, Still Looks Good!
I love sparkles & feathers! And this Awards season they have been the hot trend! Hilary Swank looked amazing in her Gucci gown. The color and shape on her gown were flawless. And FINALLY Halle Berry got a stylist! She looks to die for in this nude Marchesa gown. Even thought most of us felt like we were having "deja vu" from past award show fashion, they killed it! Why fix it if it isn't broken right :)?!

Oh My Eyes!
Why Nicole Why??!! Nicole Kidman so killed it at a previous award show in a beautiful yellow gown. I thought we were on the up and up. And now with this Christian Dior dress I feel like she's gone 2 steps back again. And Marisa Tomei in her Charles James Couture dress is just sad. The dress looks cheap! Again more stars keeping Deb's in business! And Mila Kunis in her Elie Saab just made me feel awkward. The lace "fo-bra" showing was just obviously for the men...

Almost Sleeveless!
Michelle Williams chose the PERFECT color for her with this Chanel dress. Maybe if she lost the sleeves, it would of been a complete hit! Amy Adam's L'Wren Scott gown was AMAZING and that blue color was perfect with her hair color! I wish she as well would of lost the capped sleeves. Otherwise I die!

Being In Shape Isn't What It's All About!
All these ladies had two things in common. #1 They found the dress with the perfect shape/structure for their body types. #2 That was about it!

Cate Blanchett in Givenchy
Melissa Leo in Mark Bouwer
Scarlett Johansson in Dolce & Gabbana

Calvin Klein Done Right & Wrong!
Most times I believe Calvin Klein is just too simple for the red carpet. Beautiful but not enough glamor as you can see with Jennifer Lawrence's dress. But Gwyneth Paltrow really shined in this silver gown. Truly a standout!

Beautiful For Many Reasons!
Natalie Portman, the mom to be, is glowing in this Rodarte gown. She couldn't of dressed her baby bump any better! And Celine Dion in this Armani Prive gown made me speechless. After recently having twins and at her age, she was electrifying on the red carpet! Seriously...when the photographers took pictures of her it looked like lighting on her dress! LOVED

And The REAL Winners of The Night...The Power Couples!
These baby making mom's used their gorgeous men as acessories and man did it work! Penelope Cruz looked amazing in her L'Wren Scott gown. The color and her baby's daddy Javier Bardem were perfect. Camila Alves looked like a super model in her Kaufman Franco gown. Along with my, I mean her man Matthew McConaughey she killed it!

Final Fashion Thought...Battle of the Blondes!
Kelly you can now add fashionista to your resume! And you totally rocked this look way before Reese! Looks like we all should of been taking fashion tips from you ;)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bathroom Acquaintance OR New Friend?

Ok this is happening FAR to often now a days, so I MUST get other opinions on what to do!

When you are at work and are drinking your healthy 64oz of H2O during the day, you tend to make quite a few trips to the little ladies room and or the "pisser" for all those men followers I have ;p! Have you ever noticed that sometimes it becomes like Groundhog Day? If you see someone the first time you go to the restroom for the day, you two have now become bathroom buddies for the day. It's like your biological fluid clocks are awkwardly in-sync for the rest of the day.

You might be wondering....what do I need your opinion on. Well, I guess I need to know, what is the appropriate thing to do in these uncomfortable situations? For you stay at home mom's, or fellow friends who live the life working from home you can equate it to your kids are dogs following you to the bathroom every time you have to go!

Do you...
  1. See them going into the bathroom where you were going and take off down the hall to the next closest knowing full and well there might be an accident between here and there?
  2. Walk in and immediately cough causing yourself to cover your face and stare down at the floor?
  3. Give a half smile and turn the corner into the stall quickly hoping that is the last time you have to go today because they didn't smile back?
  4. Or finally accept that you both know this is awkward and go the extra mile. Walk in, give a big smile, and say "Funny seeing you here".
I was thinking #4 but someone needs to talk me off that ledge ;)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Bachelor: Botox, Awkward, Crazy, and the Real Deal!

This week on The Bachelor "Home Town Dates"! I think this is definitely a point in the season that the girls on the show, along with the avid "Bach Followers" look forward too! And just in time because I am questioning how good the show would of been the entire season without the evil villain "Michelle" who by the way, I have heard (because I have inside sources ;)) everyone likes! And this season's HTDs (Home Town Dates) did not disappoint!

Go Big and Go Home is where Brad began this week which was in Seattle, WA with Chantal O. Side note: I finally was like OH that is why her name is spelled different from Shawntel because you say it Shan-tal. Don't act like I was the only one who thought of that! First they went to Chantal's house but like anyone could pay attention to them, you know we all were starring at one of the CUTEST DOGS ALIVE! My friend Kelly D. requested I post what type of dog that was and I told her don't worry, I had already googled it within 10 seconds of seeing that bear-dog! Just an FYI to all you dog lovers, it's a Pomeranian. Ok focusing! From there the "couple" I guess you could call them headed to Chantal's family's FREAKING HUGE PROBABLY IN FORECLOSURE MANSION house. Her family looked super nice. How could they not...their foreheads never moved! Botox Baby! But in all seriousness Brad looked like he got along really well with her Dad. Surprisingly he looked like he fit right in! He seems into her but I don't quite see what they have in common yet...

Then onto "why is she still on this show" Ashley's hometown of
Madawaska, ME. Right when she sees Brad she tells him they are disconnected. I'm sure I saw Brad mouth "WTF"! Then off to a podunk cafe where she tells Brad he has a crown. Lady, when Brad told you he was into Dentists, he meant only for "dress up purposes". SO AWKWARD! Then they stopped along the way to get food and take pictures that she will sell for money after she loses. Finally they arrived to the parent's house. I think Ashley might of finished a whole bottle of wine before she got there. She was bouncing off the walls. Nothing did I find so interesting as the conversation Brad had with her Dad. He basically told Brad Ashley is staying where she is from to finish her school and oh yea if you think kids are important this might not be the girl for you. RED FLAG!! If Brad didn't get that hint...he should of got the one of them just not having that romantic love thing going on. Yes according to her she would jump him in front of her parents on their living room floor but after that she is leaving you for the nut house!

Sweet Shawntel was next. I so badly wanted to root for this girl because she seems normal and down to earth but she put the "nail in her own coffin" jokes...sometimes they'll make you laugh so hard you could die...ok they are getting worse I'll stop :)! Anyhow, sadly most of her date was at the funeral home where Brad kept telling her he was creeped out! I think Brad decided right then that he couldn't talk about dead people for the rest of his life. I did love her passion for her job though! Hey, someone's got to do it! Her family you could tell wasn't too sure about this situation, especially her Dad. You could see how sad he was that she was throwing it all away for a guy she's met for 5 seconds. I think in the end Brad enjoyed her family and Shawntel, he just couldn't get past where she was going to put his cremated ashes!

On purpose, the last date of the show was the perfect Emily. Emily, of course because ABC said "It's in your contract" decided to let Brad meet her daughter "Ricky-Ticky" haha ... that gets me every time. Anyhow, it was of course really awkward at first but I was super impressed that Brad knew what to do. Get on the kids level, bring them a present, he pulled out all the stops! Finally the little girl opened up and you cold tell Emily fell for Brad when she realized they could be a family. The part that gave me chills and made me scream "JUST ASK HER ALREADY" was when Emily told Brad Ricky wanted to say goodnight. Did you see his face??? Chills...he was so excited! But of course these two had to have an awkward moment. Brad tries to be a gentleman and not kiss her and she is pissed lol! I mean, that was all sweet Brad but she gave birth to a watermelon at 19, kissing is like holding hands to this girl! But of course in the end, Emily got her kiss! Those two just make me smile. Don't disappoint me Brad!

At the rose ceremony, I honestly did not know what was going to happen. I always have my hopes and dreams (cough) Ashley, but those haven't seem to come true. Also did anyone else notice "The Bachelor 15" starting to happen a little to some of these ladies! No judgment here! If I was getting free booze and food for a couple of months you wouldn't be able to tear me away from that buffet! Anyway, sadly Shawntel went home. I think it was time, as you could see Brad and her were more of friends. I just have to say though that Brad gets a little handsy when he cuts women. Did you see him keep putting his hand on Shawntel's leg?? The only thing Michelle and I probably have in common is the way she left when she was cut! "Uh no you can't feel me up, you just dumped me"...

Monday, February 21, 2011

I Guess Redheads DO Have More Fun ;)

"I don't think I know what your natural hair color is" came out of my husband's mouth the other day. I almost took it as a compliment ;)! I love trying new hair colors...some work...some don't! But that is the beauty of it all! It's not a TAT(tattoo) so feel free to change it up as much as possible. Or in my case, as much as my hair shopping budget will allow(insert laughs about me having a hair budget. Like my husband always says "You'll thank me later"...still waiting on later ;)). So what's the color of the moment, RED!

And what better way to break it in? A night on the town with the chickas! Lindsey(Shal) brought her friend Kara. We are always nervous when we add a new person to the mix, because if you know our group we are well crazy, fun crazy that is :)! Shal told us she warned her that it was an "enter at your own risk" event :)! Luck for us Kara fit right in! The only thing that made her stand out in our group is that she is "camera shy". If you know us, we are quite the hams and especially after a few :). So many of my pictures of her looked like this.

Give her some time, we'll convert her!

We went out in Lawrence for a change of pace. We should of known it would be a night to remember or forget, when we had to ask the Mexican place to double up the shots of tequila in the margaritas! We mean business! Then off we headed to a bar/dance club in Lawrence. I am not going to say the name for a couple of reasons, 1. If it is a "loser" place and we just didn't know it, I don't want to claim we were there haha, and 2. We were on a mission so I didn't really catch the name ;).

We had a great time! Between the dancing and unnecessary shots ;), it was such a fun night! And we even got Kara to say "cheese" for the camera...we knew the alcohol had to kick in sometime!

There was a fun photo shoot later that night when I found some sunglasses in my purse and we pretended like we were Taylor Swift putting our hands in heart shapes??!! But to see those embarrassing pictures you have to be part of the fun ;)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

3 Men and a Baby and a GHOST?

If you were born in the 80's, like myself, one movie that you probably saw over and over was "3 Men and a Baby"! Tom Selleck and Ted Danson were in their prime ;)! Sorry Steve Guttenberg just not my type ha!

Over the weekend I was talking with some friends about "3 Men and a Baby" because that is what I do on weekends, discuss 80's trivia. OK not really, but apparently there is a rumor about a ghost being in the movie. Supposedly a nine-year-old boy committed suicide with a shotgun in the house where the movie was filmed. And in the following scene with Ted Danson, you can see his "ghost"!

But is it TRUE?


The inside scenes for "3 Men and a Baby" were filmed on a studio set in Toronto and no actual apartment ever existed. The image you see in the background is actually a cardboard cutout of Ted Danson.

I feel like I should work on "Myth Busters" :)!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Bachelor: You, Me, & The Camera Man

No roses on individual dates yet someone still went home. No rose ceremony. Girls & Brad in the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit magazine. This Bachelor was the best yet...but mainly because someone finally went home! Like you can't tell who it is by my excitement :).

The ladies and Brad traveled to the beautiful island of Anguilla this week. Of course who gets the first date? Emily :)! He so loves her or at least wants to! They traveled to an island that was all theirs. Did anyone else think it was shaped like a human anatomy part? No? Just me then :). They of course watched the moon and sun align and everything was perfect. At dinner that night Brad got upset because Emily isn't sure if she wants to introduce him to her daughter. I mean GET SERIOUS MAN, it's not just a TV show, it's her kid's real life. Power to her for thinking twice (though I saw in a future episode it happens...way to stand your ground Em). I see why he thinks it would be important to meet the kid before they got engaged but the kid is more important than the show and he should realize that. I liked how he broke the rules and told her that she was going to get a rose, even if it was his way to try to get her to let him meet her daughter. I really love Emily like the rest of the world...I just really wish they would do something where I could see her personality. Right now, all I can say is she is pretty and nice. That may be enough for Brad but I need laughter in my life!

The next date surprisingly went to Shawntel N..It feels like she has been on a ton of one on one dates with him. They looked totally comfortable with each other just spending a day in themarket. I don't think I see the romantic passionwhen they look at each other but you can tell there is some connection. Later that nightthey had a little island concert put on for them and they danced and drank. Then of course they had to get in their bathing suits. Did anyone else see the big bulls eye on her back? We all know Brad did ;)!

Britt got the 3rd one on one date. She was so excited...if she only knew! They went on a yacht to a beautiful area on the island and did some cliff jumping, which turned out to be the most exciting part of their date. You could tell he just wasn't feeling her. For being a lovely girl that I could smash by sitting on, she didn't put off much of a "lets roll around in the sand" vibe and Brad felt it. At dinner he just couldn't take it anymore and even though there wasn't a rose, he sent her packing. You could tell when she told the girls that she was sad but not visible as upset as other girls have been in the past about going home. I think they both knew it wasn't right. The tears were probably because she had to leave Anguilla ;).

The last date was a 3 on 1 date and Brad woke the 3 women left (Chantal, Ashley H., and Michelle) up at 2 am. OMG I would be mortified if the guy I was trying to impress saw me
without makeup and with drool on my face from sleeping. Good thing those ladies sleep in makeup ;). Turns out they were doing a photo shoot for the SI Swimsuit magazine. Of course this is just a recipe for disaster when 2 girls take off their tops for their pictures and then one (cough) Michelle rolls around slobbering on Brad. Brad ended up giving the rose to Ashley H., which I still don't get what is going on there. There must be a lot they don't show us because on camera she is a disaster! Overall, all the women had a pretty bad vibe with Brad on this date. I think he started to question them ALL a little bit. Oh yea...and Chantal cried...what's new. Somehow Michelle seemed the most normal on the date.

At the rose ceremony...wait...NOT at the rose ceremony Brad was ready to make the cut! He decided he didn't need to talk to any girls. If no one had a rose I would of thought it was easy...Ashley H. see ya! But of course she was the one girl who did. This was bound to be a shocker no matter what. But did I see Michelle going home? Yes I said Michelle...not really! Of course she starts to act more normal and Chantal goes nuts so he keeps Chantal. He likes them crazy. I agree though with what he said his reasoning was for getting rid of her which was that they would of but heads all the time! He probably said thanks to the producers for finally letting him send her home. Her exit was classic and Brad was ballsy asking if he could hold her hand! She storms off with no hug/goodbye/or anything. Talk about giving someone a complex! Just when I was thinking she might be normal...

Hometowns next week!

Monday, February 14, 2011

2011 Grammy Awards

This show was fabulous last night! It was way more about the music then actual awards though my loves (Lady Antebellum) killed it! Every time I see them win an award it just takes me back when I paid $15 to see them open for Jason Aldean in Topeka, KS. Now $15 is just the tax on a ticket for their show ;)!

Below I'll just share a few random thoughts I had about the show, fashion picks of course, and favorite performances!

1. Lady Gaga's egg womb was a total let down. Seriously that was it? You were carried in an egg and that was it?
2. As mentioned prior, Lady A rocked the awards totalling 5 wins!
3. Bieber got the shut out! If only the Grammy pickers were 6-14 year old girls!
4. Usher needs to either sing or dance obviously can't do both!
5. Kate Hudson's baby daddy was beyond cute when he gave her a shout out!
6. And most importantly....who is Arcade Fire? WTF

Fashion Winners/Losers

Jennifer Lopez/JLO/Jenny from the Block was on point with her outfit for the Grammy's. It showed off her banging legs and I love anything that sparkles :)! And don't even get me started on those shoes!!!!! Just the other day when I was pretending like I had lots of money I found the Louboutin shoes of my dreams aka these ones! Nate goes "Where would you even wear those?" and to that I said "If we had that much money that I owned those shoes, we'd have places to go"!

LeAnn Rimes looked amazing in this gold dress! I know she's a cheater but it's Valentines Day some love! Sing it with me now "How Do I live...."

Kim K.! The girl knows her best assets and knows how to work them! 3 words come to mind...Double Stick Tape!

Though she is hated by most teenage girls because she is smooching on an underage teen idol (BIEBER) Selena Gomez looked awesome in this dress! LOVE the color.

Someone needs to tell Nicki Minaj she isn't Lady Gaga. This just doesn't work for me...

Poor Justin Bieber looked like he was playing dress up! Oh well at least he's worth more than any of us will ever have in our 401K!

Just like Rihanna's dress, I don't have much to say about this. I have such mixed feelings mainly because I don't know how she hid all of her goodies!

Though of course I love me some Lady A, below were my favorite performances!

Cee Lo Green, Gwyneth Paltrow and Muppets "Forget You" Performance
LOVED that Gwyneth sang with Cee Lo! And Jamie Fox as the presenter was hilarious! I know Cee Lo forgot his words but I love that song!

Katy Perry Peformance

I mean her vocals were amazing and I loved seeing her wedding was beautiful (tear)!

Eninem's 2011 Grammy Performance
Watching Eminem rap with Dr. Dre was like a flashback! Eminem is truly a talented person.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Koester's Margaritas: A Recipe For Disaster!

Recently I discovered that the "Skinny Girl Margarita" has become available in our state AND neighborhood! LUCKY US :)! Bethenny Frankel, who was one of the RHONY (Real Housewives of New York) and now has her own show, drinks, workout DVDs, and on and on created this drink! It's delicious! But Bethenny also always says, "use what you got". Well we had some leftover tequila in our freezer so we thought, let's make our own "Skinny Person (we're very PC around here) Margarita! As you will see below...they were quite the HIT! Granted our family likes all alcohol but still ;)

Recipe for 2 Margaritas:
2 shots (measured out like my stepdad Jon used to- Pour into the shot glass and then continue to pour as it overflows and you dump it in the glass) of Tequila
2 shots (same pour style!) of Triple Sec
Juice of 1 lime

Be careful though! In the beginning you think "A little strong but yum"! And then slowly but surely they are tasting perfect!

Let me share with you a couple different things that could happen when you drink these margaritas!

The first round of drinks will give you a sense of excitement! "Yum what a great drink"!

Then on your second round you feel like "Wow...these are some of the best margarita's I have ever had"! And your excitement will turn into non-stop talking, voice decimals raising from normal to QUITE loud, and your drink starts disappearing a little faster than last time!

By the 3rd round well, you've lost your marbles! At that point your brain might tell you:
  • Out of limes....go get more! Instead of "guess that is a hint we're done drinking"!
  • See that 4 ft tall snow pile in your front should sled down it!
  • I'm going to stop remembering so you don't have to remember how embarrassing you have become!
And instead of showing you a picture of what we (potentially you would) looked like by the end of the night, I thought I would just tell you that you would be thinking this...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Bachelor: Under Michelle's Spell

Does it feel like to anyone else that Brad is like a beaten puppy and likes it when he is abused?? I mean why else would he keep Michelle around?! She basically can tell him to jump and he asks how high! I know who she reminds me of...Ursula from "The Little Mermaid"! It's like Michelle is really this crazy lady but has turned herself into this sexy vixen to get Brad. We'll see how long her spell will last!

A little to my surprise Brad asked Chantal O. on the first date. Considering Allie had never had a one on one and he was a little annoyed with Chantal last week I was confused. Maybe it was a ploy to get her off but then they ended up having an amazing time! Zip lining looked AMAZING! They both looked like they were enjoying being tangled up in each other. Then later in the date it of course rains because that is what it does on their dates. On your wedding day if it rains, it is supposed to be good luck. A clue to the ending?? Probably not lol! Anyhow, I find it hard to believe they had no girl clothes for her to change into. So instead what does she look like? Tom Cruise in Risky Business, minus the business ;)! I think they really like each other but I am not sure that I see a deep love connection. Plus he was like "Chantal is not drama at all". Well of course not silly, she had you all to herself! Let's see what happens on the next group date she's on...

On to the dreaded group date! At this point it's hard to not put a lot of women you are really into on one date aka Emily, Shawntel, Michelle (Gag). What do they end up doing...repelling. Who is mad...Michelle. Her flirting style is very middle-school-esk. She hits, she pouts, it's very annoying lol! Apparently only to me, not to Brad. Of course everyone gets mad because Brad tries to make one girl happy and then it ruins the night. When they got to the hot springs, Brad got a little bit of the 3rd degree. He had an awkward chat with Jackie and then Michelle was her ridiculous self. Also he had another off beat conversation with Emily. It's almost like he tries to find things he doesn't like about her because he is scared of how much he LOVES her. So who gets the rose on the date? EL-ZIPPO....NADA....Nobody! They didn't show Ashley very much...wonder if she is becoming the dark horse?

Last date goes to Allie, the BFF. Sadly ABC went the same route as always and made her "conquer" one of her fears with Brad. The alter they went to and not the one she was hoping for, was beautiful, private, romantic. After that they went to a dinner on the water. At one point they both said "I think we're sinking" hint hint. It was just the most forced, awkward conversation. To me it's baffling how a girl can think the date/connection is going so much better than the guy. Come on Allie, you couldn't of been feeling it, he wasn't even feeling you! So surprise...surprise, no rose was given on this date.

{Insert Bad Michelle Moment Later That Night! She comes over and just basically tells him what to do. He comes across as upset and basically like she was slobbering on him because he didn't really kiss back. Though I was cringing when I watched it, I finally thought...this is it....the turning point!}

At the rose ceremony, Brad was in a funk because "he had been getting grief". From that point on, Chantal took it upon herself to find out what that meant. Later she and all the women found out Michelle had visited Brad last night in his room....awkward turtle! Brad had a great conversation, I mean make-out session with Shawntel. Then he talked with Emily and of course is right back in love with her. After that Michelle told him what to do a little more and then avoided the ax by just sticking her tongue down his throat! And then Chantal tells him she loves him. He definitely feels the same way because he asked "How do you know" lol...burn!

Who does Brad let go? Jackie. Pretty sure he didn't say Brit so that Michelle would not think he's doing what she told him but we all see through it! I think Emily is going to have to get on her game so he doesn't make a mistake! Can't wait until Monday :)