Monday, February 21, 2011

I Guess Redheads DO Have More Fun ;)

"I don't think I know what your natural hair color is" came out of my husband's mouth the other day. I almost took it as a compliment ;)! I love trying new hair colors...some work...some don't! But that is the beauty of it all! It's not a TAT(tattoo) so feel free to change it up as much as possible. Or in my case, as much as my hair shopping budget will allow(insert laughs about me having a hair budget. Like my husband always says "You'll thank me later"...still waiting on later ;)). So what's the color of the moment, RED!

And what better way to break it in? A night on the town with the chickas! Lindsey(Shal) brought her friend Kara. We are always nervous when we add a new person to the mix, because if you know our group we are well crazy, fun crazy that is :)! Shal told us she warned her that it was an "enter at your own risk" event :)! Luck for us Kara fit right in! The only thing that made her stand out in our group is that she is "camera shy". If you know us, we are quite the hams and especially after a few :). So many of my pictures of her looked like this.

Give her some time, we'll convert her!

We went out in Lawrence for a change of pace. We should of known it would be a night to remember or forget, when we had to ask the Mexican place to double up the shots of tequila in the margaritas! We mean business! Then off we headed to a bar/dance club in Lawrence. I am not going to say the name for a couple of reasons, 1. If it is a "loser" place and we just didn't know it, I don't want to claim we were there haha, and 2. We were on a mission so I didn't really catch the name ;).

We had a great time! Between the dancing and unnecessary shots ;), it was such a fun night! And we even got Kara to say "cheese" for the camera...we knew the alcohol had to kick in sometime!

There was a fun photo shoot later that night when I found some sunglasses in my purse and we pretended like we were Taylor Swift putting our hands in heart shapes??!! But to see those embarrassing pictures you have to be part of the fun ;)


  1. Love the hair! And your new blog design :)

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair. I am sooooooooooo jealous....looks GORGEOUS (and don't feel too bad, I have a hair budget too....but I ALWAYS go over!)