Monday, February 28, 2011

Awkwardly Boring Academy Awards

I was super excited to see the Academy Awards BUT WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT! Anne Hathaway was a co-host and is always awkward but she also came across as endearing. Possibly with a different co-host things could of gone better for her but James Franco was just WEIRD. His jokes bombed! "Young and hip" turned into "Not old enough and not cool enough". Unfortunately for these two, it really was on them to make the show entertaining as the rest of the show was about people who lets be honest, no one cares directors, screen writers, scores, etc.. If I was famous I would of walked the red carpet and then left but reality check...I'm not...YET!

Enough with the 2 wasted hours of my life and onto the well spent 1 1/2 hrs of red carpet fashion :)!!

Battle of the Reds!
Talk about the color of the night. Let's start with Sandra Bullock or "Sandy" as Ryan Seacrest called her! This woman keeps sticking it to her Ex! She has truly never looked better and this Vera Wang hugs her in all the right spots. And when she presented, her wit only made her more beautiful! As for Anne Hathaway her Valentino gown was beautiful but against Sandra, it falls flat. Lastly Jennifer Hudson looks banging in her Versace! I have mixed feelings about the top of the dress but she's in the mood to show off her new body so rock it out!

Been There, Seen That, Still Looks Good!
I love sparkles & feathers! And this Awards season they have been the hot trend! Hilary Swank looked amazing in her Gucci gown. The color and shape on her gown were flawless. And FINALLY Halle Berry got a stylist! She looks to die for in this nude Marchesa gown. Even thought most of us felt like we were having "deja vu" from past award show fashion, they killed it! Why fix it if it isn't broken right :)?!

Oh My Eyes!
Why Nicole Why??!! Nicole Kidman so killed it at a previous award show in a beautiful yellow gown. I thought we were on the up and up. And now with this Christian Dior dress I feel like she's gone 2 steps back again. And Marisa Tomei in her Charles James Couture dress is just sad. The dress looks cheap! Again more stars keeping Deb's in business! And Mila Kunis in her Elie Saab just made me feel awkward. The lace "fo-bra" showing was just obviously for the men...

Almost Sleeveless!
Michelle Williams chose the PERFECT color for her with this Chanel dress. Maybe if she lost the sleeves, it would of been a complete hit! Amy Adam's L'Wren Scott gown was AMAZING and that blue color was perfect with her hair color! I wish she as well would of lost the capped sleeves. Otherwise I die!

Being In Shape Isn't What It's All About!
All these ladies had two things in common. #1 They found the dress with the perfect shape/structure for their body types. #2 That was about it!

Cate Blanchett in Givenchy
Melissa Leo in Mark Bouwer
Scarlett Johansson in Dolce & Gabbana

Calvin Klein Done Right & Wrong!
Most times I believe Calvin Klein is just too simple for the red carpet. Beautiful but not enough glamor as you can see with Jennifer Lawrence's dress. But Gwyneth Paltrow really shined in this silver gown. Truly a standout!

Beautiful For Many Reasons!
Natalie Portman, the mom to be, is glowing in this Rodarte gown. She couldn't of dressed her baby bump any better! And Celine Dion in this Armani Prive gown made me speechless. After recently having twins and at her age, she was electrifying on the red carpet! Seriously...when the photographers took pictures of her it looked like lighting on her dress! LOVED

And The REAL Winners of The Night...The Power Couples!
These baby making mom's used their gorgeous men as acessories and man did it work! Penelope Cruz looked amazing in her L'Wren Scott gown. The color and her baby's daddy Javier Bardem were perfect. Camila Alves looked like a super model in her Kaufman Franco gown. Along with my, I mean her man Matthew McConaughey she killed it!

Final Fashion Thought...Battle of the Blondes!
Kelly you can now add fashionista to your resume! And you totally rocked this look way before Reese! Looks like we all should of been taking fashion tips from you ;)

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