Monday, February 14, 2011

2011 Grammy Awards

This show was fabulous last night! It was way more about the music then actual awards though my loves (Lady Antebellum) killed it! Every time I see them win an award it just takes me back when I paid $15 to see them open for Jason Aldean in Topeka, KS. Now $15 is just the tax on a ticket for their show ;)!

Below I'll just share a few random thoughts I had about the show, fashion picks of course, and favorite performances!

1. Lady Gaga's egg womb was a total let down. Seriously that was it? You were carried in an egg and that was it?
2. As mentioned prior, Lady A rocked the awards totalling 5 wins!
3. Bieber got the shut out! If only the Grammy pickers were 6-14 year old girls!
4. Usher needs to either sing or dance obviously can't do both!
5. Kate Hudson's baby daddy was beyond cute when he gave her a shout out!
6. And most importantly....who is Arcade Fire? WTF

Fashion Winners/Losers

Jennifer Lopez/JLO/Jenny from the Block was on point with her outfit for the Grammy's. It showed off her banging legs and I love anything that sparkles :)! And don't even get me started on those shoes!!!!! Just the other day when I was pretending like I had lots of money I found the Louboutin shoes of my dreams aka these ones! Nate goes "Where would you even wear those?" and to that I said "If we had that much money that I owned those shoes, we'd have places to go"!

LeAnn Rimes looked amazing in this gold dress! I know she's a cheater but it's Valentines Day some love! Sing it with me now "How Do I live...."

Kim K.! The girl knows her best assets and knows how to work them! 3 words come to mind...Double Stick Tape!

Though she is hated by most teenage girls because she is smooching on an underage teen idol (BIEBER) Selena Gomez looked awesome in this dress! LOVE the color.

Someone needs to tell Nicki Minaj she isn't Lady Gaga. This just doesn't work for me...

Poor Justin Bieber looked like he was playing dress up! Oh well at least he's worth more than any of us will ever have in our 401K!

Just like Rihanna's dress, I don't have much to say about this. I have such mixed feelings mainly because I don't know how she hid all of her goodies!

Though of course I love me some Lady A, below were my favorite performances!

Cee Lo Green, Gwyneth Paltrow and Muppets "Forget You" Performance
LOVED that Gwyneth sang with Cee Lo! And Jamie Fox as the presenter was hilarious! I know Cee Lo forgot his words but I love that song!

Katy Perry Peformance

I mean her vocals were amazing and I loved seeing her wedding was beautiful (tear)!

Eninem's 2011 Grammy Performance
Watching Eminem rap with Dr. Dre was like a flashback! Eminem is truly a talented person.

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