Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Bachelor: You, Me, & The Camera Man

No roses on individual dates yet someone still went home. No rose ceremony. Girls & Brad in the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit magazine. This Bachelor was the best yet...but mainly because someone finally went home! Like you can't tell who it is by my excitement :).

The ladies and Brad traveled to the beautiful island of Anguilla this week. Of course who gets the first date? Emily :)! He so loves her or at least wants to! They traveled to an island that was all theirs. Did anyone else think it was shaped like a human anatomy part? No? Just me then :). They of course watched the moon and sun align and everything was perfect. At dinner that night Brad got upset because Emily isn't sure if she wants to introduce him to her daughter. I mean GET SERIOUS MAN, it's not just a TV show, it's her kid's real life. Power to her for thinking twice (though I saw in a future episode it happens...way to stand your ground Em). I see why he thinks it would be important to meet the kid before they got engaged but the kid is more important than the show and he should realize that. I liked how he broke the rules and told her that she was going to get a rose, even if it was his way to try to get her to let him meet her daughter. I really love Emily like the rest of the world...I just really wish they would do something where I could see her personality. Right now, all I can say is she is pretty and nice. That may be enough for Brad but I need laughter in my life!

The next date surprisingly went to Shawntel N..It feels like she has been on a ton of one on one dates with him. They looked totally comfortable with each other just spending a day in themarket. I don't think I see the romantic passionwhen they look at each other but you can tell there is some connection. Later that nightthey had a little island concert put on for them and they danced and drank. Then of course they had to get in their bathing suits. Did anyone else see the big bulls eye on her back? We all know Brad did ;)!

Britt got the 3rd one on one date. She was so excited...if she only knew! They went on a yacht to a beautiful area on the island and did some cliff jumping, which turned out to be the most exciting part of their date. You could tell he just wasn't feeling her. For being a lovely girl that I could smash by sitting on, she didn't put off much of a "lets roll around in the sand" vibe and Brad felt it. At dinner he just couldn't take it anymore and even though there wasn't a rose, he sent her packing. You could tell when she told the girls that she was sad but not visible as upset as other girls have been in the past about going home. I think they both knew it wasn't right. The tears were probably because she had to leave Anguilla ;).

The last date was a 3 on 1 date and Brad woke the 3 women left (Chantal, Ashley H., and Michelle) up at 2 am. OMG I would be mortified if the guy I was trying to impress saw me
without makeup and with drool on my face from sleeping. Good thing those ladies sleep in makeup ;). Turns out they were doing a photo shoot for the SI Swimsuit magazine. Of course this is just a recipe for disaster when 2 girls take off their tops for their pictures and then one (cough) Michelle rolls around slobbering on Brad. Brad ended up giving the rose to Ashley H., which I still don't get what is going on there. There must be a lot they don't show us because on camera she is a disaster! Overall, all the women had a pretty bad vibe with Brad on this date. I think he started to question them ALL a little bit. Oh yea...and Chantal cried...what's new. Somehow Michelle seemed the most normal on the date.

At the rose ceremony...wait...NOT at the rose ceremony Brad was ready to make the cut! He decided he didn't need to talk to any girls. If no one had a rose I would of thought it was easy...Ashley H. see ya! But of course she was the one girl who did. This was bound to be a shocker no matter what. But did I see Michelle going home? Yes I said Michelle...not really! Of course she starts to act more normal and Chantal goes nuts so he keeps Chantal. He likes them crazy. I agree though with what he said his reasoning was for getting rid of her which was that they would of but heads all the time! He probably said thanks to the producers for finally letting him send her home. Her exit was classic and Brad was ballsy asking if he could hold her hand! She storms off with no hug/goodbye/or anything. Talk about giving someone a complex! Just when I was thinking she might be normal...

Hometowns next week!

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