Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bathroom Acquaintance OR New Friend?

Ok this is happening FAR to often now a days, so I MUST get other opinions on what to do!

When you are at work and are drinking your healthy 64oz of H2O during the day, you tend to make quite a few trips to the little ladies room and or the "pisser" for all those men followers I have ;p! Have you ever noticed that sometimes it becomes like Groundhog Day? If you see someone the first time you go to the restroom for the day, you two have now become bathroom buddies for the day. It's like your biological fluid clocks are awkwardly in-sync for the rest of the day.

You might be wondering....what do I need your opinion on. Well, I guess I need to know, what is the appropriate thing to do in these uncomfortable situations? For you stay at home mom's, or fellow friends who live the life working from home you can equate it to your kids are dogs following you to the bathroom every time you have to go!

Do you...
  1. See them going into the bathroom where you were going and take off down the hall to the next closest knowing full and well there might be an accident between here and there?
  2. Walk in and immediately cough causing yourself to cover your face and stare down at the floor?
  3. Give a half smile and turn the corner into the stall quickly hoping that is the last time you have to go today because they didn't smile back?
  4. Or finally accept that you both know this is awkward and go the extra mile. Walk in, give a big smile, and say "Funny seeing you here".
I was thinking #4 but someone needs to talk me off that ledge ;)

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