Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Bachelor: Botox, Awkward, Crazy, and the Real Deal!

This week on The Bachelor "Home Town Dates"! I think this is definitely a point in the season that the girls on the show, along with the avid "Bach Followers" look forward too! And just in time because I am questioning how good the show would of been the entire season without the evil villain "Michelle" who by the way, I have heard (because I have inside sources ;)) everyone likes! And this season's HTDs (Home Town Dates) did not disappoint!

Go Big and Go Home is where Brad began this week which was in Seattle, WA with Chantal O. Side note: I finally was like OH that is why her name is spelled different from Shawntel because you say it Shan-tal. Don't act like I was the only one who thought of that! First they went to Chantal's house but like anyone could pay attention to them, you know we all were starring at one of the CUTEST DOGS ALIVE! My friend Kelly D. requested I post what type of dog that was and I told her don't worry, I had already googled it within 10 seconds of seeing that bear-dog! Just an FYI to all you dog lovers, it's a Pomeranian. Ok focusing! From there the "couple" I guess you could call them headed to Chantal's family's FREAKING HUGE PROBABLY IN FORECLOSURE MANSION house. Her family looked super nice. How could they not...their foreheads never moved! Botox Baby! But in all seriousness Brad looked like he got along really well with her Dad. Surprisingly he looked like he fit right in! He seems into her but I don't quite see what they have in common yet...

Then onto "why is she still on this show" Ashley's hometown of
Madawaska, ME. Right when she sees Brad she tells him they are disconnected. I'm sure I saw Brad mouth "WTF"! Then off to a podunk cafe where she tells Brad he has a crown. Lady, when Brad told you he was into Dentists, he meant only for "dress up purposes". SO AWKWARD! Then they stopped along the way to get food and take pictures that she will sell for money after she loses. Finally they arrived to the parent's house. I think Ashley might of finished a whole bottle of wine before she got there. She was bouncing off the walls. Nothing did I find so interesting as the conversation Brad had with her Dad. He basically told Brad Ashley is staying where she is from to finish her school and oh yea if you think kids are important this might not be the girl for you. RED FLAG!! If Brad didn't get that hint...he should of got the one of them just not having that romantic love thing going on. Yes according to her she would jump him in front of her parents on their living room floor but after that she is leaving you for the nut house!

Sweet Shawntel was next. I so badly wanted to root for this girl because she seems normal and down to earth but she put the "nail in her own coffin"...my jokes...sometimes they'll make you laugh so hard you could die...ok they are getting worse I'll stop :)! Anyhow, sadly most of her date was at the funeral home where Brad kept telling her he was creeped out! I think Brad decided right then that he couldn't talk about dead people for the rest of his life. I did love her passion for her job though! Hey, someone's got to do it! Her family you could tell wasn't too sure about this situation, especially her Dad. You could see how sad he was that she was throwing it all away for a guy she's met for 5 seconds. I think in the end Brad enjoyed her family and Shawntel, he just couldn't get past where she was going to put his cremated ashes!

On purpose, the last date of the show was the perfect Emily. Emily, of course because ABC said "It's in your contract" decided to let Brad meet her daughter "Ricky-Ticky" haha ... that gets me every time. Anyhow, it was of course really awkward at first but I was super impressed that Brad knew what to do. Get on the kids level, bring them a present, he pulled out all the stops! Finally the little girl opened up and you cold tell Emily fell for Brad when she realized they could be a family. The part that gave me chills and made me scream "JUST ASK HER ALREADY" was when Emily told Brad Ricky wanted to say goodnight. Did you see his face??? Chills...he was so excited! But of course these two had to have an awkward moment. Brad tries to be a gentleman and not kiss her and she is pissed lol! I mean, that was all sweet Brad but she gave birth to a watermelon at 19, kissing is like holding hands to this girl! But of course in the end, Emily got her kiss! Those two just make me smile. Don't disappoint me Brad!

At the rose ceremony, I honestly did not know what was going to happen. I always have my hopes and dreams (cough) Ashley, but those haven't seem to come true. Also did anyone else notice "The Bachelor 15" starting to happen a little to some of these ladies! No judgment here! If I was getting free booze and food for a couple of months you wouldn't be able to tear me away from that buffet! Anyway, sadly Shawntel went home. I think it was time, as you could see Brad and her were more of friends. I just have to say though that Brad gets a little handsy when he cuts women. Did you see him keep putting his hand on Shawntel's leg?? The only thing Michelle and I probably have in common is the way she left when she was cut! "Uh no you can't feel me up, you just dumped me"...


  1. Okay, so I'm getting stalkerish...I comment on every one of your blog posts! Sorry, but all I want is to be able to have lunch with you every Tuesday and talk about this! First of all, get that dog...how could Nate say no? Secondly, lets skip the next 3 shows and just let Brad propose to Emily now. She is so freakin cute, but so is her house--I don't know if I would leave that for Austin. And lastly, definite Bachelor 15...or maybe they're just standing closer to perfect Emily???

  2. "or maybe they're just standing closer to perfect Emily" LMAO! You crack me up girl! Miss you! Glad we have our blogs so we can stalk each other ;)