Monday, March 28, 2011

Bachelor Love in Bloom

In honor of it being a Monday and us sad Bachelor fans waiting patiently until the next season begins, I thought I'd share some new bachelor love news! You tell me, is this a match made in Hell Heaven???

Please let one of them be reproductively challenged!

On more important news, the Bachelorette stars May 23rd! Click here to learn 5 things you know about Ashley Herbert...

Friday, March 25, 2011

Decorating on a Dime (Multiple Dimes)

My mom and step-sister Debbie wanted to go shopping a couple weeks back so I was all for that! Of course I really didn't have anything in mind like they did but who ends up walking away with something...ME! Stick us three girls in Hobby Lobby & The Home Goods store and we think we're interior designers!

So what do you get when you put this...

and this...

and this together?

No Nathan NOT a waste of money...


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Funday Sunday at the Koesters!

Last Sunday was the first day of Spring 2011! Could you believe the weather in KC?? It was AMAZING! Coming off a Wildcat loss, it was definitely needed! After my husband and I walked around our house talking about future home projects while holding hands (don't gag instantly, our neighbors that are old and still married do it, so there has to be something to it), we decided it was a day for "Jon's Margaritas". So I started up the blender and we grabbed a couple books and hit our deck!

Things to note:
  • Yes we need outside furniture! As of now we are sitting in folding chairs that were left at our house after a party last June! PS- If these are your chairs feel free to reclaim them!
  • Yes I am really reading (not in the picture because I was totally faking) but right after I did! I am even in a book club... now pick your jaws up off the ground!
  • Ignore the unfinished woodwork on the windows! We just got new ones so painting is on the "Future Home Projects" list!
  • And finally YES this was as fun as it looked! My margarita ... my man ... my type of day!

Monday, March 21, 2011

The REAL St. Patrick's Day!

I hope everyone had a great St. Pat's Day! It was a BEAUTIFUL day in KC ... so I thought to myself..."Personal Day" off from work?? Don't mind if I do!

I got to spend the day with some fun girls & big beers :)!

We couldn't of found a more perfect table...close to a bartender, maybe too close ;), and perfect for people watching...

This was one of my favorite shirts of the day... sadly I took that literally and missed my chair later that day. Someone explain to me how chairs move when you drink ... baffling ;)

I didn't ever think I would be able to say this as a fan of the "Jersey Shore" but our night ended fist pumping with Pauly D! Yes he is a cutie in person too!

He said he didn't see any "grenades" in KC at P&L but I looked up and his eyes where closed! Ok not really but come on ... you don't need to lie to hookup, there were plenty of drunk girls and probably sober ones that were ready to throw their morals out the window for Pauly D.

All in all the day turned out great! Sun, beer, and good friends! So until next year you little green leprechaun...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Anyone who knows me is probably not surprised to hear that I have some Irish in me. Could be the fact that I LOVE St. Patrick's Day, enjoy an adult beverage regularly, and or now that my hair is red ;p! So needless to say today is my favorite holiday! It's definitely a toss up between Christmas as you get presents but green beer is like a present too :)!

In honor of today, my mom and step-sister Deb came up last weekend and we ran in the 33rd Annual Westport St. Patrick's Day 4-Mile Run. This was quite the change for me since I had done the same thing for the past 4 years prior to this called Fake St. Patrick's Day in Manhattan, KS. If you have never been...I can't begin to explain the fun. I saw this year they now have "Live from Aggieville" cameras. Talk about dodging that bullet by being old! Oh the memories...taking orders at Gumby's, losing a phone to a large green beer...

Now I'm an they say ;) and instead of drinking green beer I decided to run off years of it! LAST time I let my mother choose the race. HOLY HELLATIOUS HILLS! Let me tell you what ... talk about sucking air! At one point my mom looked over at me and said "If you are going to run this fast, you are going to have to go ahead" and I looked at her and go "I've been trying to keep up with you...WTH...let's slow down"! You think we are competitive ;)?! But we all survived and finished!

Pre Race Gitters:

Post Race Success:

When we were getting ready to leave the race, we looked up and saw a Tattoo shop across the way. We all thought it would be a good idea to get a "Shamrock" tat where the "sun don't shine"!

Later we decided that we all deserved BIG margaritas! They never tasted better!

In the end, Deb and I were glad we let my crazy mother talk us into running even though we both think shopping is enough exercise :)!

The real question now is....who actually got the "Shamrock" tat???

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

After the Final Rose Wilted...

Albert Einstein said the definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I do believe he might of called Brad insane after watching last nights "After the Final Rose". But first let's chat about the actress heartbroken Chantal.

Chris, who honestly is starting to look like Edward from the Twilight Series older brother with his hair and slimmed down face, brought out Chantal to talk with her first and find out how destroyed her life is. I truly felt bad for her. She was crying and obviously upset as she looked like she lost a little bit of weight. I really did think her and Brad had a connection but I also think Ken & Barbie should ALWAYS end up together.

Once Chris had the crowd feeling bad for Chantal he brought out Brad. It didn't take long for Chantal to ask the DREADED question of "when did you know it was her". Well let me see... if he says "From the start", to Chantal/Emily that means he just wanted a little more tail before he settled down OR he says "It really wasn't until the last day" and to Chantal that means "I still might have a chance" and to Emily "Sh*t he meant to say Chantal". RUN BRAD RUN. But he didn't, instead he dug not quite the hole I describe but definitely a big enough one for Chantal to bury is body by saying "You deserved to be there until the end". THANKS BUDDY! But then what happens...Brad goes "I'm sorry I am happy AND I heard you are happy too". OK BURN BABY BURN. YOU WHAT...have a bf already! Right there and then I stopped feeling bad for this girl! It wasn't her heart that was broken ... it was her ego! She slept with him and swam with sharks...what a ball buster!

Finally Chris brought out Emily but not before he proceeded to tell us that Brad and her had broken up once and have had a hard go at it ... tears! So he brings her out and Brad and her hug and say I love you. Then Chris proceeds to play therapist for the next 30 minutes. He even brings back the 3 couples that are still together to give advice...awkward! You could tell Brad was ready for the media and watching the show because he had been through it once. Unfortunately it looks like Emily is getting caught up in what others are saying instead of what they have. I think Trista's husband Ryan said it best when he said "You're in a lifeboat right now and can see the island and you are going to have to paddle really hard to get there, but you will get there".

Some takeaways from the show...

1. Normally I think I may be a little hard on reality tv people because it's easy to judge from the couch but when I go "WOW...Emily is a bit of a b*tch" and Nate shakes his head...I know I'm onto something!
2. Emily go back to the bleach worked for you! And PS, I think if she cut her hair to her shoulders where her short layers were falling during the show, it would be killer!
3. I felt horrible for Brad as Emily proceeds to say "I love you but I am not moving to Texas" and after a long winded answer says "Yea I do see us getting married".
4. You can see how much Brad loves her and would do anything for her. It's like by putting that ring on her finger he already made the commitment of forever. It just makes you love him!
5. The ring needed resizing?? Come on people...she gave it back and he knew she couldn't say no to him on national tv!
6. Do I think this is going to get worse before better...yes! He owns lots of bars... I don't the green monster in Emily will like that very much.
7. Do I love that they are honest and laid it out for America that their relationship isn't perfect ...yes! Nobody's is!

All in all, I really do wish those two the best of luck because the more couples that stay together on"The Bachelor" the more credibility I have when I say "How could you not love the Bachelor, it's about true love ;)".

Oh and who is the next Bachelorette....I so called this....

Ashley Herbert

What are my feelings on this...It could be worse! Remember Pilot Jake or Jason "I made the wrong decision"...

The Bachelor: Braemi

Last night was the FINAL Bachelor episode of the season! Let's just say, the entire show I thought he was going to choose Chantal because Emily was too obvious of the choice. But sometimes things are as they seem. So let's dive right into the drama that was last night...

The show started out with Brad's family meeting him in Cape Town, South Africa. Never thought about going to this place, but it looked gorgeous! It almost brought me to tears seeing Brad start to cry just by seeing his family. You can tell how much they mean to him...he just didn't want to let go! I don't know about all of you, but pretty sure everyone in the family should of been taking after the youngest brother Wes. That guy seems like he's got it all together! Then see so many people jumping of a bridge, you think twice!

Chantal was the first to meet Brad's family. I just don't know what it is. I think she was herself on the show but there is something that tells me she had more of a diva side they didn't show. Anyhow, the family seemed to love her! She was talkative and expressed how much she loved Brad and would marry him on the spot. It really started to make me think that maybe if Brad didn't choose Chantal he would be missing out on that spark in life!

Then came Emily. We all knew this was going to be awkward because she barely talks to Brad. But I think Brad's brother put it best saying she isn't even shy, she's just so poised! And I truly believe they were right, or at least that is how she came off. You could tell Brad's mom fell in love with her the more they talked..."them Southern girls got to stick together!

Overall Brad's family was feeling Emily even though the rest of the world didn't see their connection as much as the one they had with Chantal. Maybe family knows best?!

Next came the LAST one on one dates. AGAIN of course Chantal was first because they couldn't show the love of Brad's life until last. So where do they go...out on a boat where everything appears to be beautiful and serene. Until you heard the "Jaws" soundtrack! SERIOUSLY sharks! He must of done something for her on their over night date that she owed him! So they got in a cage and watched Jaws swim around them. Nothing like a death defying experience to make you happy to see the person next to you! Later that night they met in Chantal's room for the awkward last meeting before the rose. She of course laid out her heart and showed him all the places they had ate at been to over the past 6 weeks. Overall it was a good last date for them and you could tell they cared about each other.

Emily had the last date with Brad before he made his big decision. They took a helicopter to the "Cape of Good Hope". Once they got there... all hope was lost. PERSONALLY if I was a guy...nothing would be more of a turnoff than a BEAUTIFUL woman being insecure! It's like are hot...can you get serious! Anyhow...between Brad feeling like he was being
interrogated and Emily needing either a buzz cut or a big scrunchie to keep her hair out of her face, the date took a turn for the worst and went down from there. When Brad showed up that night they both looked like they were ready to enjoy each other! And then Emily decides to tell Brad 1 Billion 880 Million 345 Thousand times "It's not always Fun" when she was referring to being a parent. She might as well of been wearing a shirt that said "Team Chantal". You could tell Brad was hurt that she kept questioning him. I totally understand her being concerned for her daughters sake but sometimes you have to take a leap of faith! So that dated ended on a buzz kill!

When Brad picked out the ring he was going to propose with, I seriously thought it was all over! I thought the ring just screamed "CHANTAL". Maybe his gut instinct was trying to tell him something! But let's get serious ladies...3.5 carat Neil Lane diamond ring screams ALL our names!

At the final rose ceremony or the "proposal ceremony" the first limo pulled up. I seriously was not sure if the producers were going to play a trick on us and the first person was the right person or vise versa so I was still cautious as .... Chantal got of of the limo. First of all...let me say she looked TO DIE FOR. That color was amazing on her and the make up...don't even get me started, LOVED! Unfortunately ladies... sometimes all the great makeup in the world can't save you from heartbreak. Brad told her he had stronger feelings for someone else (cough) Emily. As Chantal cried I really did feel horrible for her as she has had heartbreak in her life too with a divorce...little did I know she is a bit of an actress (See next post about "After the Final Rose").

Then the princess's (Emily's) limo drove up and she stepped out. Lucky for her she got the man because in my opinion Chantal won the fashion off. She looked beautiful but I wasn't about the bottom half of her dress and why the lazy hair-do! FOCUS! I seriously had tears in my eyes when Brad goes "Em, you’re it. You are my once in a lifetime”, “Please give me your forever". Nathan goes "Hmmm that sounds a little better than my chapstick line huh?" LOL I about died laughing! Lucky for him with his good looks ;) all he had to do was ask! Anyhow, of course she said yes! When she bent down to kiss him I truly felt like that was the first time I saw her act on and show her emotions! Great way to end the show.

We weren't ever watching "The Bachelor" we were always watching "Brad & Emily's Love Story"