Thursday, March 10, 2011

Eat, Pray, LOVED Vienna!

One of the greatest things about my job is being able to visit and experience some amazing places. None up until this date even come close though to comparing with my most recent adventure to Vienna, Austria! My company was attending a tradeshow and because of my great efforts ;) to plan it...I got to go as well! It's blessings like these that truly make you appreciate life!

And so the adventure began...

To say I was anxious about traveling to a foreign country, technically by myself, is a bit of an understatement! The last time I was abroad was in high school to France and the UK. So I thought a while about why I was so nervous, as I had an ENTIRE day of traveling, and finally came to the conclusion that I was missing my husband ;)! It's funny how dependent you become of your significant other without even knowing about it. Once I realized this, I told myself that I really needed to take advantage of this opportunity and live it up and my hubby would be there when I get back...hopefully ;)!

On my flight to Vienna...

 started out not on the best note! I had reserved an exit seat but then was told someone paid extra to sit there. So I had to move to a small little seat. NOT HAPPY. But when one door closes, another opens! Luckily no one sat beside me...thank you God! So I took my night quill and curled up in a position I had not been in since I was a fetus and slept for 6 of the 9hrs!

A quick note about the show, the reason I went to Vienna ;): It turned out really great! Lots of good conversations and definitely worth us going! We also had an amazing hostess, Micaela, making our coffee at the booth. She was around my age so it was so great to get to 1. Have some female interaction, as I was 1 of 3 at our booth 2. Get to know a person who was from Austria 3. And also meet someone who was so cultured. Over the 4 day show Micaela talked of her schooling in Peru, Berlin, Boston, etc.. as well as her 4 different languages she spoke and what she aspires to do. She was truly a bit of an inspiration for me. I'm glad she was so willing to put up with all my questions. It was so fun to soak up all her experiences. I might of even made a new FBF (Facebook Friend) lol! AND I now what to learn a second 2 years of French just isn't cutting it anymore.

Ok, back to Vienna and experiencing this great city! First, our hotel was amazing!

Hotel Wein & Design

This place was amazing! I would totally recommend this place if anyone everyone travels there! The rooms were very modern for this older style building.

And the coolest part about the rooms in the hotel is that they are all named after wine makers. Mine was named after Josef Pockl and this wine maker and his family's preference lies with the red wines! A room after my heart ;)!

I just can't get over how much I loved life in Vienna! There were 3 things that I credit to starting my day off on the right foot...

1. The Shower! I die for this shower... I mean pure heaven! You can't help but just love life with a waterfall on you each morning!

2. The Breakfast! of the man reason's for the title of this blog is because I did not hold back on the food ;)...when in Vienna right?! And the hotel definitely helped me with this endeavor! Every morning I had chocolate croissants, chocolate desserts, scrambled eggs, fresh fruit, bread, and on and on! Seriously, I had 4 plates each day! I asked one guy if he's ever seen a girl my size eat this much and basically I got the nod of no lol!! You'll be happy to know I did not gain any weight though! Ok you may not but I sure was :).

3. The Walk To The U-Bahn (underground subway)! There was something about taking the time to walk to the U and letting the sun hit your face while looking at the most gorgeous buildings. I remember smiling quite a bit on the way to work each day!

U-Bahn was probably one of my favorite things in Vienna. I just thought it was so cool to have to walk to the subway each day and move from one line to the next. It really helped me slow down and appreciate life. I just can't say enough about loving being able to walk everywhere...probably what helped me not gain 10 pounds while I was there!

2 of my other favorite things were the dessert and wine of course! Nothing better than after a long day of working to have a large glass of wine and a dessert! Chocolate/Wine comatose :)! Per this trip I think I need to upgrade my tiny wine glasses ;)

On the last day I did get to do a little sight seeing. Luckily one of my German co-workers who had been to Vienna was kind enough to be my tour guide for the afternoon which was great because he gave so much history behind things I would not of known! Here are some highlights...

St. Stephen's Cathedral
This church was just amazing...there really are not any words! Guessing if the churches looked like this in the US attendance would go way up ;)

I was told one of the most famous shots of the church is a reflection off of a building next to it. OBVIOUSLY I wasn't on my A game that day haha!

Kunsthistorisches Museum & Naturhistorisches Museum Wien
These two building are amazing. I can't tell you which is which because they were built to be identical so if you were to fold the area in half it would be the exact same. One is a natural history museum and the other is an art museum. Many people were running through it ... now that might inspire me to run :)!

I was originally hugging the elephant at the entrance but I had to step to the side so you could see me! I'm the one without the large ears ;)

Hofburg Palace
This palace housed some of the most powerful people in Austria. It currently is the official residence of the President of Austria. This was considered the Habsburgs' "winter" residence. Little small for my liking but it would do ;).

Spanish Riding School
This is the only institution in the world that has been practicing classical equestrian for over 430 and the beautiful white Lipizzan horses put performances regularly for the public.

This company is best known for it's Neapolitan wafers. The recipe has not changed since these were introduced in 1898. DELICIOUS might I add!

Vienna State Opera
This is the opera house dating back to the mid-19th century. During the summer months they place a screen on the outside allowing for people to view the opera even if they were not able to buy a ticket.

Cafe Central
This was originally the key meeting place for the Viennese intellectual scene. An untold story, except by our cab driver, is that this was Hitler's favorite cafe before before the start of WWII. Not really a way to promote this Cafe but I am sure if they knew what we know today the sign would say "No Shirts, No Shoes, No Hitler"! But let me tell you...the desert to die for!

Shopping in Vienna
The same German co-worker that was kind enough to take me on a tour of the city was also kind enough to take me to Vienna's main shopping streets. OMG be still my pounding heart!

This shop I found pretty funny... stupid American ;)...

You bet I found my way inside Swarovski and of course took home a rock from in there ;)! I hoped for the duck but it wasn't for sale...or should I say for Katie's price range sale!

Chanel...a girl can dream!

This city has just amazed me! I knew it would be awesome but it was AMAZING! I loved how it slowed me down and made me appreciate life.

The mouth still waters!

The wine...don't worry I brought some back!

I really fell in love with Vienna and hope to one day visit it again with my accessory ;)! Until then...


  1. Amazing! And, I had no idea you were into wine now. Guess we need to drink together more. :)

  2. Looks amazing, Katie! I'm still traveling, but I think we've had similar experiences...A. I have definitely indulged in the food and the wine, and B. we survived without the boys! Now if only we could figure out a way to go to the same conferences...:)