Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Anyone who knows me is probably not surprised to hear that I have some Irish in me. Could be the fact that I LOVE St. Patrick's Day, enjoy an adult beverage regularly, and or now that my hair is red ;p! So needless to say today is my favorite holiday! It's definitely a toss up between Christmas as you get presents but green beer is like a present too :)!

In honor of today, my mom and step-sister Deb came up last weekend and we ran in the 33rd Annual Westport St. Patrick's Day 4-Mile Run. This was quite the change for me since I had done the same thing for the past 4 years prior to this called Fake St. Patrick's Day in Manhattan, KS. If you have never been...I can't begin to explain the fun. I saw this year they now have "Live from Aggieville" cameras. Talk about dodging that bullet by being old! Oh the memories...taking orders at Gumby's, losing a phone to a large green beer...

Now I'm an they say ;) and instead of drinking green beer I decided to run off years of it! LAST time I let my mother choose the race. HOLY HELLATIOUS HILLS! Let me tell you what ... talk about sucking air! At one point my mom looked over at me and said "If you are going to run this fast, you are going to have to go ahead" and I looked at her and go "I've been trying to keep up with you...WTH...let's slow down"! You think we are competitive ;)?! But we all survived and finished!

Pre Race Gitters:

Post Race Success:

When we were getting ready to leave the race, we looked up and saw a Tattoo shop across the way. We all thought it would be a good idea to get a "Shamrock" tat where the "sun don't shine"!

Later we decided that we all deserved BIG margaritas! They never tasted better!

In the end, Deb and I were glad we let my crazy mother talk us into running even though we both think shopping is enough exercise :)!

The real question now is....who actually got the "Shamrock" tat???

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