Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Funday Sunday at the Koesters!

Last Sunday was the first day of Spring 2011! Could you believe the weather in KC?? It was AMAZING! Coming off a Wildcat loss, it was definitely needed! After my husband and I walked around our house talking about future home projects while holding hands (don't gag instantly, our neighbors that are old and still married do it, so there has to be something to it), we decided it was a day for "Jon's Margaritas". So I started up the blender and we grabbed a couple books and hit our deck!

Things to note:
  • Yes we need outside furniture! As of now we are sitting in folding chairs that were left at our house after a party last June! PS- If these are your chairs feel free to reclaim them!
  • Yes I am really reading (not in the picture because I was totally faking) but right after I did! I am even in a book club... now pick your jaws up off the ground!
  • Ignore the unfinished woodwork on the windows! We just got new ones so painting is on the "Future Home Projects" list!
  • And finally YES this was as fun as it looked! My margarita ... my man ... my type of day!

1 comment:

  1. Very cute. Glad to see the Margarita and the table; makes you feel that Jon is right there enjoying and feeling proud to see you using and enjoying. Thanks it pleases me as well.