Tuesday, March 15, 2011

After the Final Rose Wilted...

Albert Einstein said the definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I do believe he might of called Brad insane after watching last nights "After the Final Rose". But first let's chat about the actress heartbroken Chantal.

Chris, who honestly is starting to look like Edward from the Twilight Series older brother with his hair and slimmed down face, brought out Chantal to talk with her first and find out how destroyed her life is. I truly felt bad for her. She was crying and obviously upset as she looked like she lost a little bit of weight. I really did think her and Brad had a connection but I also think Ken & Barbie should ALWAYS end up together.

Once Chris had the crowd feeling bad for Chantal he brought out Brad. It didn't take long for Chantal to ask the DREADED question of "when did you know it was her". Well let me see... if he says "From the start", to Chantal/Emily that means he just wanted a little more tail before he settled down OR he says "It really wasn't until the last day" and to Chantal that means "I still might have a chance" and to Emily "Sh*t he meant to say Chantal". RUN BRAD RUN. But he didn't, instead he dug not quite the hole I describe but definitely a big enough one for Chantal to bury is body by saying "You deserved to be there until the end". THANKS BUDDY! But then what happens...Brad goes "I'm sorry I am happy AND I heard you are happy too". OK BURN BABY BURN. YOU WHAT...have a bf already! Right there and then I stopped feeling bad for this girl! It wasn't her heart that was broken ... it was her ego! She slept with him and swam with sharks...what a ball buster!

Finally Chris brought out Emily but not before he proceeded to tell us that Brad and her had broken up once and have had a hard go at it ... tears! So he brings her out and Brad and her hug and say I love you. Then Chris proceeds to play therapist for the next 30 minutes. He even brings back the 3 couples that are still together to give advice...awkward! You could tell Brad was ready for the media and watching the show because he had been through it once. Unfortunately it looks like Emily is getting caught up in what others are saying instead of what they have. I think Trista's husband Ryan said it best when he said "You're in a lifeboat right now and can see the island and you are going to have to paddle really hard to get there, but you will get there".

Some takeaways from the show...

1. Normally I think I may be a little hard on reality tv people because it's easy to judge from the couch but when I go "WOW...Emily is a bit of a b*tch" and Nate shakes his head...I know I'm onto something!
2. Emily go back to the bleach blonde...it worked for you! And PS, I think if she cut her hair to her shoulders where her short layers were falling during the show, it would be killer!
3. I felt horrible for Brad as Emily proceeds to say "I love you but I am not moving to Texas" and after a long winded answer says "Yea I do see us getting married".
4. You can see how much Brad loves her and would do anything for her. It's like by putting that ring on her finger he already made the commitment of forever. It just makes you love him!
5. The ring needed resizing?? Come on people...she gave it back and he knew she couldn't say no to him on national tv!
6. Do I think this is going to get worse before better...yes! He owns lots of bars... I don't the green monster in Emily will like that very much.
7. Do I love that they are honest and laid it out for America that their relationship isn't perfect ...yes! Nobody's is!

All in all, I really do wish those two the best of luck because the more couples that stay together on"The Bachelor" the more credibility I have when I say "How could you not love the Bachelor, it's about true love ;)".

Oh and who is the next Bachelorette....I so called this....

Ashley Herbert

What are my feelings on this...It could be worse! Remember Pilot Jake or Jason "I made the wrong decision"...

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