Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Bachelor: Catty Girls Tell All

THANK GOODNESS this week was "Girls Tell All" week on the Bachelor. If I would of been out of the country, even in the BEAUTIFUL CITY OF VIENNA, I would of totally been bummed! And after a day of getting back to reality and catching up on DVR shows, looks like I didn't miss much this week.

The show really amounted to the following...

1. Chris Harrison showcasing a cool new hair do, the "messy" look. Probably trying to keep appealing to the younger crowd to keep his job for a couple more seasons.

2. Chris trying to squeeze every last drop out of the catty girl fight stories and girls of Brad's past. Does anyone think either Ashley might be the next Bachelorette??

3. Ashley H. showcasing a sassy brunette look! She looked like a completely different person ... way fab!

4. Jackie showed her real colors which are COMPLETELY ANNOYING. The girl kept talking and talking and talking. If I was the producers I would of edited that out of the main show as well. The camera men probably just refused to tape her because it was that bad...

5. Michelle continued her acting job. I did feel a little bad that she was crying but after a while I determined that was a bit of a hoax too. didn't know that 24 women would attack you like a fat girl after cake from what you said about them. I can't believe Chis didn't flat out ask her why she was crazy on the show. Yea yea were there for Brad...blah blah blah. So apparently "there for Brad" means punching yourself in the eye and pleading not guilty to all signs of Biotchyness!

6. And finally Brad gushed about how in love he is with his "significant" other. He just says he falls more in love with her each day. So hands down it's Emily because we all know Chantal would start to get on his nerves after a while!

My perfect choice for Brad...a mix of Chantal and Emily! Then he could have a little spice in his life from Chantal and sweet lovin' from Emily. But if he has to chose, it's Emily!

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