Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Bachelor: The Hippo, Elephant, and God's Window

I just can't get over how good the show is getting and it's almost over! Totally makes me a little bummed. I mean, what will I do with my Monday nights...oh yea watch the Karate Kid on Dancing with the Stars! Classic :)! Who are the other goodies that will be on the show? Sing it with me now "It's Kendra ... It's Kendra... She's Chest Pumping On Her Own Now"! Also Kristie Alley, Romeo without the little, and Sugar Ray Leonard to name a few! But what really matters right now is that Brad has almost found his Emily wife!

South Africa...a place to fall in love OR get eaten alive?!

Brad started off his journey with a date with Chantal. It took me much of the first part of the date to stop thinking "I wonder if she had to buy new clothes for this trip when she was home". I KNOW...BAD! And I should know better as a formally hefty person :). So moving right along, I think her and Brad had a great date and you could tell he just feels so comfortable around her. We obviously know she is in love with him as she announced that after 3 weeks. I just really don't know if I see them together. She of course chose to stay in the Fantasy Suite. You could tell she was excited as they didn't even finish dinner! Maybe she is the perfect woman for Brad...a mix between Crazy Michelle and Soft-Spoken Emily??!!

Surprisingly Emily's date was next and not saved for last so you had to know that Ashley's date was going to be something else! But first about Emily's date. What do they get to do...ride an Elephant...how cool! But they weren't able to sit very close to each other and Nate, my husband, goes "They need to belly-up". I go "To the Elephant?" and he goes "No to each other" haha! Later they chatted about how perfect their lives could be and we all watched with dreamy eyes! Emily surprisingly chose to stay in the Fantasy Suite but made sure to tell us all she would only be "talking". In a bedroom with alcohol and a hot man...yep I would just talk too but with my hands...WHAT I like to sign :)! Emily finally told Brad that she is falling in love with him and what were supposed to be Michelle's fireworks went off in the background ;)! Something I do love about Brad is the fact that he says "FU" to ABC and just does what he wants. I loved when he told her that he is falling in love with her too. ALL SMILES :)

Then off to what I would of dreaded, Ashley's date. Let me say that she may be a great person and fun but I just don't see her and Brad. It's like buddy buddy....it's the Bachelor...we are looking for romance here! So they take off in a helicopter to "God's Window" in South Africa where Brad heard God's voice telling him to sabotage his date! You've got to be kidding that they have never talked about her passion for her job. If she is that passionate about it she would of talked about it before! I think she plays too many games for Brad. Brad seemed a little miffed that she acted like what they have is casual and she didn't say she would move where he is. I think deep down she was trying to "guard and protect her heart" but that will only get you dropped or a tattoo! So at dinner the awkwardness continued and you could tell they both just wanted to end the date and start all over the next day. Ashley did except the Fantasy Suite probably in hopes her lovin' could pull him back in. Unfortunately she talked about mosquito nets instead. They didn't show the rest of the night but I am pretty sure Brad acted like he was narcoleptic and was out for the rest of the night as Ashely called old BF's on his phone.

At the rose ceremony you could tell Brad really wanted to make it work with Ashely and hoping a new day would put them back on track! So he pulled her aside before the ceremony and things just got worse. It was like she still had her walls up and he kept trying to get her to explain how she was feeling. And when Brad finally said "I'm going to have to let you go here instead of going through the ceremony", she got up and was ready to bolt! Brad looked shocked and she goes "I'm not going to beg you but I am shocked ... really shocked". ABOUT WHAT....the suit he chose...me too?? Because I know you weren't talking about him letting you go. It was painful watching them interact. When Ashely was leaving in the car and professing her feelings, I'm like why didn't you just tell him that! So Brad asked the two other women to stay and meet his parents! Of course they accepted because who would give up another week in South Africa ;).

I am hearing lots of mixed opinions on how this is going to turn out! I know most want Barbie & Ken to be together but maybe he is going to end up with the Pussy Cat Doll instead! We all know Brunettes are hotter ;) .... oh wait....I'm red now! Where are the fiery redheads ;)?!

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