Thursday, February 10, 2011

Koester's Margaritas: A Recipe For Disaster!

Recently I discovered that the "Skinny Girl Margarita" has become available in our state AND neighborhood! LUCKY US :)! Bethenny Frankel, who was one of the RHONY (Real Housewives of New York) and now has her own show, drinks, workout DVDs, and on and on created this drink! It's delicious! But Bethenny also always says, "use what you got". Well we had some leftover tequila in our freezer so we thought, let's make our own "Skinny Person (we're very PC around here) Margarita! As you will see below...they were quite the HIT! Granted our family likes all alcohol but still ;)

Recipe for 2 Margaritas:
2 shots (measured out like my stepdad Jon used to- Pour into the shot glass and then continue to pour as it overflows and you dump it in the glass) of Tequila
2 shots (same pour style!) of Triple Sec
Juice of 1 lime

Be careful though! In the beginning you think "A little strong but yum"! And then slowly but surely they are tasting perfect!

Let me share with you a couple different things that could happen when you drink these margaritas!

The first round of drinks will give you a sense of excitement! "Yum what a great drink"!

Then on your second round you feel like "Wow...these are some of the best margarita's I have ever had"! And your excitement will turn into non-stop talking, voice decimals raising from normal to QUITE loud, and your drink starts disappearing a little faster than last time!

By the 3rd round well, you've lost your marbles! At that point your brain might tell you:
  • Out of limes....go get more! Instead of "guess that is a hint we're done drinking"!
  • See that 4 ft tall snow pile in your front should sled down it!
  • I'm going to stop remembering so you don't have to remember how embarrassing you have become!
And instead of showing you a picture of what we (potentially you would) looked like by the end of the night, I thought I would just tell you that you would be thinking this...

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