Monday, February 7, 2011

Living Strong

For the longest time now I have asked Nate if we can get a treadmill. It seemed like a long shot until this weekend when he finally gave in as his gym attendance started correlating to what my shopping budget does each month (If you don't know me that well, I'm a girl...enough said). So the treadmill research began! For some reason Nate was making me do the research ... painful! He would ask "What makes that one the best", "What did consumers say", "How does it compare". If anyone has tried to research treadmills before, you know that every website recommends something different! Once I found some sites that recommended the same treadmill I went with it. Plus I knew I'd have less push back from Nate because I was choosing a "LIVESTRONG" treadmill! What is it with men thinking they are cooler by wearing the LIVESTRONG band? I can just see Nate decked out in head to toe Lance Armstrong Gear. As long as he doesn't get this tattoo I'm cool with it.

Nate liked my pick so to Dick's we went in search of our treadmill. Once we got there, they let us test out the LIVESTRONG Treadmill that we had chosen online. And the answer is YES, I got a great feel for what the treadmill would be like in my Uggs and carrying my Purse ;)! SOLD!

After Nate and the guy at the store loaded the treadmill into the truck, Nate quickly informed me unless I gained about 100 pounds of muscle on the way home, we would need Chad, my brother's help. Not carrying any illegal body builder supplements on me, I quickly texted Chico (Chad)! Little did he know how heavy it would be!

Once we (Nathan & Chad) finally got it downstairs, Nate went to work. I probably could of helped more, but I was taking pictures. I mean blog is priority one ;)!

There were lots of parts for this treadmill, but none did I find so interesting as the "Treadmill's Wristband". Bet those cost a couple $100 each! Nate questioned their purpose but I quickly gave him the analogy of "Do you think Lance would be as good without his wristband" can imagine the look!

Once it was all together, we had Nate test it out! As you can see below, this treadmill was worth every penny as Nate was just a blur because he ran so fast!

Can't wait to decorate my at home gym :)!

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