Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Bachelor: Under Michelle's Spell

Does it feel like to anyone else that Brad is like a beaten puppy and likes it when he is abused?? I mean why else would he keep Michelle around?! She basically can tell him to jump and he asks how high! I know who she reminds me of...Ursula from "The Little Mermaid"! It's like Michelle is really this crazy lady but has turned herself into this sexy vixen to get Brad. We'll see how long her spell will last!

A little to my surprise Brad asked Chantal O. on the first date. Considering Allie had never had a one on one and he was a little annoyed with Chantal last week I was confused. Maybe it was a ploy to get her off but then they ended up having an amazing time! Zip lining looked AMAZING! They both looked like they were enjoying being tangled up in each other. Then later in the date it of course rains because that is what it does on their dates. On your wedding day if it rains, it is supposed to be good luck. A clue to the ending?? Probably not lol! Anyhow, I find it hard to believe they had no girl clothes for her to change into. So instead what does she look like? Tom Cruise in Risky Business, minus the business ;)! I think they really like each other but I am not sure that I see a deep love connection. Plus he was like "Chantal is not drama at all". Well of course not silly, she had you all to herself! Let's see what happens on the next group date she's on...

On to the dreaded group date! At this point it's hard to not put a lot of women you are really into on one date aka Emily, Shawntel, Michelle (Gag). What do they end up doing...repelling. Who is mad...Michelle. Her flirting style is very middle-school-esk. She hits, she pouts, it's very annoying lol! Apparently only to me, not to Brad. Of course everyone gets mad because Brad tries to make one girl happy and then it ruins the night. When they got to the hot springs, Brad got a little bit of the 3rd degree. He had an awkward chat with Jackie and then Michelle was her ridiculous self. Also he had another off beat conversation with Emily. It's almost like he tries to find things he doesn't like about her because he is scared of how much he LOVES her. So who gets the rose on the date? EL-ZIPPO....NADA....Nobody! They didn't show Ashley very much...wonder if she is becoming the dark horse?

Last date goes to Allie, the BFF. Sadly ABC went the same route as always and made her "conquer" one of her fears with Brad. The alter they went to and not the one she was hoping for, was beautiful, private, romantic. After that they went to a dinner on the water. At one point they both said "I think we're sinking" hint hint. It was just the most forced, awkward conversation. To me it's baffling how a girl can think the date/connection is going so much better than the guy. Come on Allie, you couldn't of been feeling it, he wasn't even feeling you! So surprise...surprise, no rose was given on this date.

{Insert Bad Michelle Moment Later That Night! She comes over and just basically tells him what to do. He comes across as upset and basically like she was slobbering on him because he didn't really kiss back. Though I was cringing when I watched it, I finally thought...this is it....the turning point!}

At the rose ceremony, Brad was in a funk because "he had been getting grief". From that point on, Chantal took it upon herself to find out what that meant. Later she and all the women found out Michelle had visited Brad last night in his room....awkward turtle! Brad had a great conversation, I mean make-out session with Shawntel. Then he talked with Emily and of course is right back in love with her. After that Michelle told him what to do a little more and then avoided the ax by just sticking her tongue down his throat! And then Chantal tells him she loves him. He definitely feels the same way because he asked "How do you know" lol...burn!

Who does Brad let go? Jackie. Pretty sure he didn't say Brit so that Michelle would not think he's doing what she told him but we all see through it! I think Emily is going to have to get on her game so he doesn't make a mistake! Can't wait until Monday :)

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