Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Bachelor: Brad & Emily's Love Story

I mean, you question if this show is even worth watching anymore. It's completely obvious who he loves. You almost feel bad for the other girls but yet they all know he likes her but continue to stay, so they are just a glutton for pain. They remind me of the girlfriend we all have that the more times she is cheated on the more she thinks the guy loves her. Painful!

This week on the Bachelor, it was Sin City time...VEGAS BABY! Shawntel got the first date. None of the girls looked too jealous, until they saw what she got. Talk about a DREAM date! "Go into any store you want and buy the most expensive thing"..."Prada here I come". Once Shawntel spent ABC's money plus $5K just on a purse she went back to the hotel where all the girls turned green with envy. Michelle actually made a funny when she pretended to hang herself...wow there might be a personality in there after all! Later on that night Brad took Shawntel to the roof top of the hotel. Did anyone catch themselves giving a speech out loud..."Hello. How bout that ride in. I guess that's why they call it sin city. Ha ha". After I pulled it together, I realized Shawntel was telling Brad that she is a funeral director and an embalmer. Talk about taking a cold shower! You could instantly see that Brad was like "I've lost my appetite for you and for this dinner". The night ended with fireworks but not between Shawntel and Brad. Can you say BFF?

The group date made me tear up. So good job ABC for pulling at my heart stings and also being insensitive pricks! Who goes on the group date, Emily. Where do they go, the race car track. I mean come on with that! I love how Brad can always pick up on when she is upset. And their talk on the track I thought was really genuine and Brad looked honestly upset. I think she was
awesome for facing her fears and getting in the car! At that time all the girls seemed sensitive to the fact that Brad needed to comfort Emily. Later that night though, that was not the case anymore. Brad kept pulling Emily aside. The first time didn't seem that big of a deal though Allie showed her true colors by basically giving the bird to Emily and her feelings by saying "we all have problems, tragedies, etc.." Pretty sure your father cheating on your mother is not the same as losing the love of you life! Anyhow, then Chantal started pouting. Does it seem like she just cries every time she talks with Brad....not hot! Then Brad pulled Emily aside one more time. That is when I even felt awkward! Chantal said it best by saying "I feel like I am creeping on Brad and Emily's date"!

The last date was a 2 on 1 date. One goes home and one stays. Of course it's the BFF's Ashley S. and Ashley H.! I of course instantly am happy because I finally think Ashley H. will go home! On the date, they practiced to be in a Elvis show in Vegas. What's the catch? Only one gets to perform with Brad in the real show and he has to choose...dun dun dun. At dinner Brad told Ashley S. "I think you'll make an extraordinary wife", "I don't think you'll make an extraordinary wife for me". Other than the fact that, that was a huge burn, I was so mad! Maybe she wasn't right for him, but Ashley H. (I just rolled my eyes just thinking about it) is definitely not either! Oh and come on with the send off Elvis music, "Are you Lonesome Tonight" really?!

At the rose ceremony the following things stuck out to me:
  • You pout enough, Brad will pay attention to you...cough Allie and the mini cake.
  • Chantal's conversation with Brad was soooo awkward! He basically said "Stop being a bhole" and she goes "Yea I don't think so". Oh and what was up with her only putting blush on one of her cheeks??
  • And then OMG Michelle's one on one made me feel like I was watching a soft core dominatrix video. Obviously Brad is into that...WOW

So who went home?
  • Poor Marissa who gave him a love note
  • Lisa, my Kansas girl! Props to her for sticking around so long without any airtime!
Thoughts on where this is going...

E. Wolmack

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  1. I actually watched this episode. My few comments...for what its worth since I've only watched one episode.
    #1 -- I think the rose for Emily was a "pity" rose. Got more of a "I'm going to look like an a-hole if I dump you...but your past is way deeper than I'm into" vibe.
    #2 -- I think he chose the right Ashley...or atleast the hotter of the two.
    #3 -- And Michelle appeared like a total whore with her little "don't say a word" speech. GAG