Friday, February 4, 2011

Another Compton Christmas

Since I shared my Mom's Christmas weekend, I thought it only right to share what we did at my Dad's Christmas! You might think what's left after matching PJ's and dance offs but you'll be happy to know we found other group activities that continued the fun!

What gets a party going? Well a mini keg of course! My sister-in-law Beth and I had the most fun with it. Of course we attempted to do a "reverse keg stand" where you pour it into someones mouth which now thinking back maybe wasn't so smart haha!

Once everyone started getting their drink on (YES it was light outside), it was time for cards! I'd like to say a "friendly" game but if you know any Compton, you know that is far from the truth. PS- the Dora cup in front of Nathan is Kennedy's ... I think ;)!

Last but not least, we played "Call of Duty" in real life :)! When the kids went down for their nap, so should of the adults! What you are looking at below is the following:
  • Beer
  • A Gun
  • A Full Gas Tank
  • 5 College Educated People :)

What you are not seeing below is that when Chad hit the can off the piece of wood, he started unloading rounds rounds into the air. Everyone for a minute thought he was going postal! Classic :)

What can I say... It may not be the Griswold's Family Christmas but we sure try!

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