Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Super Model or Super Inappropriate!

Ok people, I am all about the beauty of childbirth but just because you have a kid, and have to show EVERYTHING to a few people (docs/nurses), what makes you want to continue to be an exhibitionist!

Today I'm checking my gossip outlets via the Internet as normal! I can't get my day started without them! And low and behold I come across a Twitter tweet saying "Have you met Flynn. Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom's baby boy". Well of course I'm like, yes let's see what could only be the most handsome little boy coming from Miranda and Orlando. I open the link and BAM, I am instantly shocked by the fact that you could barely see the baby as it's head is being smashed! COME ON WITH THAT! The only people that might enjoy that picture if they can get past they fact that she is breast feeding is men and they don't read gossip sites!

Oh and on a side note, the article also sad she did the childbirth naturally. My thought is if you are doing childbirth naturally you are already on something so why hold out on the drugs that make your who-ha feel like a million bucks!

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