Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I See You

Oh yes that is right! The eye surgery was a success! Though not at all what I expected from what everyone else had told me about their experiences. I go in and they give me some numbing drops. I think to myself "cool, but where is the valium?" haha! Not that I needed it because my stats were 116/75. I was excited! After a few more numbing drops...no drugs....I met with Dr. Durrie right before the surgery. He went over all the general information and said, ok let's do this. As he walked away to get ready he goes "I like your boots", that is when I knew I had the right man for the job!!

I went into the first room where they laser your lens. I couldn't feel a thing, just pressure where they suction your eye to keep it still. After that I was taken to another room where I got MORE numbing drops and then the "magic" happened. Dr. Durrie folded back the lens and the laser did it's thing for 17 seconds (I tired to ignore the burning smell lol), and then he folded the lens back into place. The most surreal out of body experience is when he takes what seems like a squeegee and smooths the lens down...very cool! Then he repeated on the other side! Done and Done!

After the procedure, I found out I had to stay awake the rest of the day so my eyes didn't dry out! AGAIN, not what people told me...I was ready for a nap. Small price to pay for vision! I'm pretty sure Dr. Durrie should do a "Got Milk" campaign...though to a different target audience :)

It's awesome to not have to wear contacts/glasses. Who knew vision could be so much fun! Cheers to Dr. Durrie! My husband is next...

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  1. Your description of your surgery makes me want to puke. Yuck!