Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm Starting to Fist Pump at Work

My husband and well everyone tells me I watch too much reality TV. So as a New Years resolution I cut out 5 reality TV shows (yes I have plenty left)! One of which that is still on my list is Jersery Shore! I can not get enough of Snooki! Her and her party in the glass friend are freaking hilarious this season.

The point is, I'm glad I watch the show or I would be out of the loop at work!


At work we are asked to go on work trips and to promote them, they send out emails trying to make the destination enticing. So how do they promote Jersey? With a picture of "the Sitch" (which I like to call him) or more commonly known as "the Situation" and "Pauly D". INSTANTLY I want to GTL (Gym, Tan, Laundry) and my hand makes a fist and starts to pump up into the air.

This tells you a couple things about my company...

A. Most of the people are 25-35 yrs. old
B. They assume even educated professionals make time in their social/home life for mindless trashy TV.
and C. And the person who sent out the email is OBVIOUSLY a fan!

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