Monday, January 24, 2011

Inspired by Young House Love

I think anyone who reads blogs daily has Young House Love marked as a favorite! They make everything they do seem like anyone can do it. But who really ever has the time right? So we all just keep reading the blog, loving their creations, and then hope one day we feel motivated enough to take on one of their grand ideas!

Well this year I ACTUALLY wrote down my new years resolutions. And YES, to answer your question, there is a weight loss one on there. I don't think a new year's list is complete without it! Surprisingly I have already marked a few things off the list including my latest project (though I'm not sure I can say MY latest project as you will understand later in the blog)! What is that project you may ask....painting horizontal stripes in the 1/2 bathroom! I know you all are thinking "horizontal stripes....that is like a woman wearing horizontal stripes....just not a good idea"! But I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Like I mentioned above, I was inspired by a blog from Young House Love where they did this to their bathroom.

Here are some before pictures:

The first thing I did was realize me + math/measuring = disaster! I also think my husband Nathan realized that too and soon with hesitation (as he, my mother, and I had a few margaritas the night before- that post will come later :)) offered up his help! Little did I know, this would be the hardest part of the job!

After lots of measuring in tight corners, little to no air circulation and light bulbs that put off LOTS of heat, Nathan was questioning how he got himself into this project and or marriage!

Oh and it probably didn't help that I was starring in the mirror 3/4 of the time when he needed me to hand him tape. Note to more bathroom projects...I'm too vein lol! Oh and any girl who is rolling their eyes, get serious! You know you can't pass a mirror without checking yourself out!

3 hours later (note- if you are not as type A as my husband or I, this could go a lot faster though you would probably have some wavy lines) Nathan's part of the job was done!

Ours had just begun!

My mom and I had the simple job right? Nothing is simple with this family! We marked every other line with a piece of tape so we wouldn't paint the wrong line. Note: This was important because the people who lived in the house prior to us had extra of every paint color EXCEPT this one! So my mom took one corner and I did the other. Right after we get started I get a call from Kindra Maze (HS girlfriend) who was shopping with her mother and were going to stop by if we were home. Well apparently we got excited/distracted and someone (cough mom) painted the wrong line! I was not mad, I was just happy it wasn't me lol! LUCKILY she is a MASTER painter and we found almost the identical paint color. She rocked out the touch up of the area. So which line was it...that stays between those 4 bathroom walls ;)!

Once we finished painting, I also went and got updated handles for the drawers as they were a little "old school".


After (Love These!):

So what does the finished product look like?

I love the results! It turned out better than I had imagined! But of course, we learned a few things along the way...
  • Have both paint colors available JIC (just in case)!
  • Make sure your husband knows he is needed for the project prior to the day of.
  • Young House Love makes things look easy!
  • And getting your help drunk the night before is probably not the best way to motivate the next day.

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