Thursday, January 13, 2011

van Gogh with Both Ears

Ok maybe not van Gogh but I try :)! I have always enjoyed the things I can't get paid for lol! It is a curse I think! Since I was little I have always had a passion for painting and drawling. In high school I took all the classes that the art teacher offered- painting, pottery, drawling, etc. Then I went to college ,instead of cosmetology school (that is a whole other blog) and decided to study something completely void of any creativity...Business! I guess you can be creative in business but I am referring to not getting a degree in interior design, graphic design, or for instance art history. No one to blame but myself, I have always been indecisive and will continue to be. That trait I will however blame on being a girl!

Ok now that I have shared with you my ongoing internal struggle with what I what to be when I grow up...mind you probably not having much to do with this post, I will now share my creation! I meant to give this to my niece Kennedy for her birthday. And if any of you know my niece Kennedy she is quite the little princess anyway!

I asked her one time what her favorite movie was. After rattling off every Disney movie ever made, I decided a princess theme would be the way to go! It took me a while to free hand the drawling and then even longer to paint it! So the birthday present soon became a Christmas present. I very much have to be in the "mood" to paint, and rarely does the mood hit me when I get home from work and fingers crossed a workout :)! But I finally finished! After many times of wanting to put a big red x through the painting, I managed to complete it last night! Hopefully she loves it!

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