Friday, May 13, 2011

Our Family Easter… Just as Random as Ever!

I know, this is long overdue! That’s what happens when you get to take fun vacations with your hubby to San Francisco! Be looking out for that fun blog :).

But for now, enjoy seeing my crazy family holidays. You might see either me rubbing off on my husband’s family and or you might start to realize why we are married. Our family’s are a LOT alike … we all enjoy MARGARITAS. I know, a lot of family’s like margaritas but is their motto also “You can’t have just one ;)”?!

First for Easter, we went to my dad’s house. It is kind of ironic that he gets married when I finally learn to cook.

Before Ruth, when it was my dad and I in high school and college weekends (some of you know where I am going with this) we would always have Breadeaux's. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it … excuse me LOVE it but I never really hear my husband say “I like more cushion for the pushin” and lord knows in high school he would have been pushin’ for a while! So instead we get great meals shown like below.

Rocco Dispirito, if you read my blog (which I am sure you do because you tweeted me the other day) please ignore the butter! It’s probably margarine…I KNOW “you can’t believe it’s not butter”!

We had a great time at my dad’s as usual! I can’t get enough of my dad’s phrases such as “Copy” or when he yawns “Ah…chubaka chubaka chubaka”, seriously that is what he says J… they just never get old. And now that my husband has been around my dad some more I now here at home “Oh, whatever”. Thanks Dad!

I also took advantage of my dad marrying someone with 2 girls! I moved up from doing my dolls hair to theirs J! I had to practice as I have been asked to do Halley Spellman’s hair for her wedding. Pretty sure she is going to want a peacock in her hair like Carrie off of the SATC (Sex & the City) movie! So I’ve got my work cut out for me ;)! Just kidding Halley… I hope!

Here are some pictures of the trial run.

Fun times! But the fun then had to travel to Manhattan to spend the rest of Easter with Nathan’s parents!

Let’s just start with we walked through the door and Ron, Nathan’s dad, shut off the TV, and it wasn’t turned on for the rest of the night!

We hadn’t see Ron & Betty for a while so we had lots to catch up on. And considering I had close to a 2 hour drive with Nathan to get there… we both needed some alcohol. Let’s just say, 2 people can’t drive the car so there is the problem!

So the margaritas began…

After a few, we thought it was time to revisit the past! It was like finding hidden treasure! Ron’s grandpa brought over a trunk full of his belongings when he came to American from Germany.

We soon had to head back upstairs because well… that is where the blender was :)! It was then cards time!

Why am I wearing that hat in April?There is really only one good explanation… it looks fabulous right?!?! Pretty sure I started to sweat by the end of the night/morning, but I lost my coat before I took off that hat! If you LOVE it like I do, let me know and I will work with the producer ;) and see if I can get you a deal!

When we finished the 2nd pitcher we came to a fork in the road. Do we be smart, knowing that EASTER SUNDAY is tomorrow and listen to what I am sure is God’s voice saying “Back away from the booze Koesters” OR do we listen to the Alcohol Devils that are saying “Why is that even a question … blend that sh*t”? Well for your enjoyment, we figured lets be devils tonight and angels tomorrow!

Many random things happened after this brilliant decision…

We talked about Ron & Betty getting their hot tub in a couple weeks. Here they are testing it out.

Then Betty asked for a shot of tequila! This is my kind of mother-in-law! I should of told her not to smell it first!

What followed was family picture time! I am thinking though it might have been our pre-mug shots potentially!

You can’t go to jail for chopping down trees at midnight? Really!! Even if it blocks your view of the city??

We thought to ourselves, what do we need? 1 person to hold the tree so it doesn’t fall back on us, 1 person to saw the tree, 1 to hold the flashlight, and 1 to document the evidence!

Nate and Ron started with the saw. After both men tried to show their manliness, we decided to bring out the big guns!

That’s right… the chainsaw!

Not sure if we would of got turned in for a “Noise Disturbance” claim from the chainsaw or Betty yelling “STOP STOP SOMEONE IS GOING TO HEAR US”! Needless to saw, Betty and I were dying laughing by this time!

Finally though, success! Everyone lived, no one went to jail, and Betty & Ron had a great view… or so we thought!

The next morning God let us join him at church; I know we give religion a bad name… CATHOLICS ;)!

When we came back we took some pictures on their deck in our fancy wear! Ironically enough… the view we thought we created last night had another sneaky ass tree behind it! Don’t worry, July 4th is coming up, we’ll get that SOB of a tree!

Moral of the Easter story…

I love my family! We may be alcoholics, rebels without a cause, and crazy lunatics that shoot guns at Christmas for quality time together, but I wouldn’t change a thing! Until the next run in with the law… I mean family gathering…


  1. OMG! We did have a great time! How funny!

  2. Haha oh my goodness... highlight of my night were those pictures and phone calls. CANT WAIT TO GET HOME! <3