Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Bachelorette: Bra Anyone?

Phew, the Bachelorette was back on this week. I know last week was a holiday but I felt a little lost on Monday night! Thank goodness it was back on last night so I could waste 2hrs out of my night with guys that really aren't that interesting and a girl who thinks just because she has no boobs she doesn't have to wear a bra. Ashley is having a 10 year old girl moment!

This week the group headed to Taiwan. In my opinion one of the most beautiful places they have been this season. 3 men got one on one dates and 3 got a group date.

The first one on one went to Constantine. Seriously what does Ashley see?!?! If you can even get past his hair, I get stuck on his face and that constant look of being stoned. They road a train to a little town. It was so forced... the hand holding... the leg rubbing! Women are so dumb... if a guy tells them they are not interested, no matter how much the girl isn't attracted to them, they now have the urge to make them like them. Note to men having trouble getting girls... find an emotionally stunted one like Ashley and tell them you've seen better and they'll be eating out of your hands! That night they had dinner and once I got past the boring conversation of Constantine telling Ashley over and over "when we fall for each other, we will know"... brilliant NOT... I thought it was so cool that when they lit their "love lantern" and sent it into the air that 100's of other ones appeared in the sky. It was just like the movie "Tangled"!! Yes I went and saw that movie with my niece... pretty sure I liked it more than her! And then of course the two of them kissed the rest of the night... just awkward!

The next date went to Ben. Ok, I know that he is what people are calling the "front runner" but I still don't see what those two have in common. PS- I thought at the beginning of the episode that his hair was looking better... almost like he curled it lol, but then on the date, it was back to "no brushing ben"! They rode a moped through the mountains where I saw at one point Ben was going 28mph! He's just got a little cheesy this episode. I really don't remember them talking to much between gasping for air after they sucked face every time the cameras were on them. I hate to say it but you all saw last season where I was sure Ashley was drunk 3/4 of the time, she might be after Ben's... alcohol! Can you blame her?!?!

Next was the group date with pouty JP (Seriously unattractive, note to all women), Lucas, and Ames. They had to take wedding pictures, which I thought were really cute. I agree Ames is not the cutest puppy of the bunch but his manners and the way he treats women is something you just don't see now a days. Did you see how he stood up when Ashley entered the room... heart melted a little bit! I even started to like Lucas just a little this date and then Ashley gives the rose to the squeakiest wheel, JP. Watch out girl, he might be a stage 5 clinger!

Who does the last date go to... Ryan. Man, looking back I picked the worst men out of all 25. My only saving grace is I never picked the DBAG Bentley! Did anyone else think that Ryan copped a feel when he hugged Ashley as her top had no back and basically flew up?!?! They spent the date being awkward and Ryan smiled a lot. I about died when she asked him to tell her something about energy saving and he started talking about tank-less water heaters. I am pretty sure I have had that same conversation with my engineer husband. That is where alcohol comes in handy in our relationship so his IQ drops down to my level sometimes :)! I am glad she let him go on the date and didn't wait. I about died laughing when he was so shocked. Seriously?!?! How do people NOT know? Maybe from mixed signals like Ashley wearing no clothes!

At the rose ceremony, Ashley again was wearing a dress that had a cutout back. Can we get a stylist that doesn't work at Deb's on the show?!?! Apparently she knew what she wanted to do and didn't even need a rose ceremony. I thought for sure it would be Ames gone, but it was Lucas. I thought both of them took it really well and then Ashley had a melt down again. Way to pickem' ABC! After Lucas exited I looked at the guys left... I just don't see it, none of them I would pick for her anymore.

Next week are home towns... this should be interesting!

**Emily interview: I at first did not know what to think about it but then she came across as really genuine. You could tell she really is upset about the situation and still loves Brad. It would of been even more telling if Brad would of been there and to see his reaction. I hope she wasn't putting on a show... time will tell. If she is the next Bachelorette, she is just like the rest ... a fame whore! Only other thing to note, did watching her not make you feel like you were watching a horse trying to get peanut butter off it's teeth?? What was going on there?!?!

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