Thursday, July 14, 2011

I Live to Float Another Day with UAC!

It has now become a tradition that we do an annual float trip with the Up a Creek (UAC) crew on the Kansas River. The first year (2010), one trip didn't suffice so we went another time. Luckily the money I paid for the UAC float was well worth it when they saved my life after almost drownding due to LOTS of beer, sun, and more beer! This year, I was a seasoned veteran or hopefully as my mom puts it "grew up" and no near death accidents were had... only fun times!

Our group is such a good time we were even designated the title of the "VIP Float"! I believe we were sucesseful again this year in bringing the fun & inappropriate converstations! I mean really what goes better with beer than "never have I ever".

We started off the float after we had everyone in the water and a beer in hand!

We never make it far before we "dock" the kayaks and chill in the water. Probably why our floats take 6-8hrs each time :)

If you have never been on a float before, one thing I do recommend is packing the cooler full of beer because with the sun and great friends, it goes down like water!

I mean really, does it get much better than this??

Or hotter than this??

Moral of the story, I live to float another day!

And if you ever want to have as much fun as we do on a float and live near KC, you don't have to travel far! Hit up the UAC crew on facebook, and get signed up! Really your money goes to a good cause... their beer :)!

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