Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Bachelorette: If you have to choose one...

The oh so loved hometown dates were this week! This is where normally you really get to see that connection between the couple and the love they share or it puts the nail in the coffin! To be honest, I didn't feel like any of the dates sealed the deal either way. In my opinion, if Ashley is being forced to choose one by ABC, which we all know she is, then I would definitely hit up a childhood game for this decision... eenie minie mo!

The first hometown we saw was Constantine's in CUMMINGS, GA. Really... all of his life when people have said "Where are you from" he's had to say "Cummings" and people instantly thought he was a perv. The first place they went was his restaurant that is itailian/greek/anything to stay a float. Did anyone else notice it was completely empty?? After that they headed to his parents house. They pulled up and I was like HOLLA, we know where the restaurant funding came from. After they opened the door, I realized, they spent all the money on the outside... yowsers! The family was actually great and what you would expect from a large greek family! The mother basically telling Ashley "you will move here and share our bedroom with us" is a tell tell that there is an overbearing mother-in-law hiding behind that smile! But Ashley looked like she really enjoyed the family. I think her and Constantine have a weird connection/chemistry. He just doesn't do it for me... lucky for you Nate ;)

The second hometown date went to the beloved Ames. I think his chivalry keeps making him more handsome each time I see him! Well that and his spray tan this episode :)! Did his home town in Pennsylvania not fit him to a T?! I was sad that they did the butt-out-hug when they saw each other, you could tell Ashley just wasn't into it. I loved his sister Serena and her advice to Ames about lighting the fire! Serena saw right through Ashley's BS. Ok, who's heart melted when Ames took her to a picnic under the magnolia trees and said this could be just a normal day for us... I died! I loved how he told her that the Italian Renaissance's way of romance is to find the romance in the ordinary. I MEAN, Ashley are you hearing this?? What I heard is he is way to good for her and I think she heard it too!

Next she was off to Sonoma, CA to see her kissing buddy Ben! When they saw each other they jump and giggled and kissed. You can obviously tell they are way into each other though when they have conversations, I am not sure that I see it. His family were duds, nice duds, but not even stories of their pretentious family vacations in Paris entertained me. Did anyone else notice that Ben's mouth moves like a ventriloquist doll's?? Seriously, his upper lip never moves. Guess that works out well as Ashley doesn't even have one. (Please note, I realize my lips may not be to people's liking either but I did not go on reality tv to be judged!) As Ben's hair gets worse, his and Ashley's love grows deeper. Could he be the one?

Lastly was JP's hometown in NY. I thought it was beyond cute that he took her to the roller skating rink. That is awesome. It really did bring back memories of when they played the slow songs and my friends all held hands with boys and I skated with my imaginary bf Justin Timberlake. Those were the days! Anyways, I thought they were super cute and had tons of fun together! When they went to his house, his family seemed really nice, and VERY concerned he would get his heart broke again. We get it, he has the emotional state of a 12 year old girl! I used to really like JP and Ashley together but every week that passes shows a little more of his clingy, jealous side. I say run for your life Ashley before you have to file a restraining order. But in all seriousness if he can lose the ball and chain he is chasing Ashley around with, they might actually be a cute couple.

Rose Ceremony
Ashley showed up in her black spandex leotard that was missing the bottom half and looked like a cat got to the back of it. But none the less, a rockin' body! She sadly let go of Ames who looked so confused and heartbroken. As he was leaving, he was still the gentleman that we all love! I hope he finds to love, and I actually would like to thank Ashley for letting him go because he can do better!

Next week looks like a doozy... who comes back?!?!?

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  1. Ames is too robotic with his words. Plus, I think he likes men. Did you see those reddish/pink pants he wore a few weeks back??