Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Bachelor Pad II: Bring on the Real Winners!

That's right people, just when you think I'm at home crying because the Bachelorette is over, the new reality obsession begins... The Bachelor Pad II. Seemed like not that long ago that I was praising some genius that came up with this amazing idea. It's the the Real World/Road Rules challenge with a little hotter people that have an education and REAL life jobs... I DIE! A bunch of Bachelor/Bachelorette rejects trying to win $250,000 and hopefully bump uglies fall in love!

Well I have to be honest and wasn't sure how this season would go. After the show is on once people start learning all the tricks, and it loses some of it's intrigue. But that is not the case this season... so much so it took them 3hrs to show the first episode.

Needless to say most of the show was dedicated to Vienna, who recently got a nose job and let's just say... sometimes you should leave good enough alone. Nothing like feeling it in your wallet and your face! But none the less, her and her bf Casey are on the show and of course that means that Jake is back! I do not like Vienna... but I REALLY don't like Jake. After his temper flare on their reunion... he needs his hands wrapped opposite ways in a white jacket! They are all crazy if you ask me. And apparently it wasn't bad enough that "guard and protect your heart" Casey got a nutso tat on his season but now he's dating Vienna... FUEL TO THE FIRE!

Some things I found interesting...

- Ames is already hooking up and with Jackie. Watch out Ames... not sure she's as nice as she seems ... plus annoying... did you see After the Final Rose... EARS BURNING!

-Michelle Money is siding with Vienna... in what world?!?!

-Graham is back! Cutie Patootie! I still think him and DeAnna were made for each other. But this season it looks like he is partnered up with M.Money. This guy obviously likes to be whipped with silicone.

-Gia Gia Gia... is back for more! Sucks being beautiful and having everyone hate you. Then again beauty isn't everything and she did date/hookup with Wes last season... RED FLAG!

-Turns out Blake is a bit of a big D! And apparently gets the woman this season. Why not go for Kirk, his twin? Oh yea because he is too busy hooking up with Tiara Princess Girl. HURL!

-Rated RATARD is back.

The challenge this week was for couples to hang over beds wrapped around each other for as long as
possible. Vienna kept telling Casey "you can last longer than Jake, believe me ;)" but now we all know the truth... LIES! Jake and Jackie won. They got to go on a date where Jake thought he was going to get some but Jackie just talked about why he got dumped the entire time. Talking about shooting a horse!

Jake and Jackie because of winning were safe for the week and they also got to choose someone to be safe. Well of course it went to Jake's friend Gia right... NOPE! It went to the other inflated blow up doll Vienna... I KNOW... MEN... IDIOTS! Jake is like a dumb girl... "I really wanted him to like me so when he said flip over, I said which way?" Him, Casey, and Vienna talked, which I liked how he asked Casey to join, but Vienna thinks it's again all for show! They are probably all best friends and this is just a way for them to be fame whores!

In the end Rated RATARD and Alli got sent packing by the group. Hopefully he is sitting next to her on the plane home in case they crash... no seat cushions needed!

I think this will be a good season. Full of drama, drama, drama! If nothing else, it will make us all feel a little less crazy!

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