Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Bachelor Pad II: Slobber Fest

So the squeaky wheel does get the oil huh?! I have had a few people notice I have been MIA on the blogging scene lately. This is why I think my blogging career needs to be my only one ;)! I just heard my husband scream "In your dreams"... CRAP! Anyhow, I will definitely try to get back on the horse!

I know I skipped a couple weeks of the Bachelor Pad II but I am just going to jump right in to what's going on now!

This week the show started up right where it left off... Jake getting voted off! Honestly I dislike Jake, Vienna, and Casey all the same amount but I was really hoping Casey left so that the drama would continue. I was also just a little disappointed in Jake's exit. What... you continue to kiss their butts after they eliminated you?? I was at least expected a single, if not double fist flip off, maybe even throw one between your legs for a little extra affect. I personally would of gone with the "suck it" international symbol of throwing an X over my lady parts :) CLASSY!!

So what was the competition this week.... SUCKING FACE! Michelle opted out of the competition for her little girl, but let's be honest... she is getting it from Graham and lord knows he is the only one really worth swapping spit with, so I would of sat out too. No way in hell could I of kissed Casey without involuntarily puking in my mouth! On top of that, all the women said he had bad breath... literally gagging. Most of the kissing was kind of pathetic as no one wanted to piss people off but there were a couple people that lip humped harder than the rest! Holly and Ella really went in and felt people's intestines. Blake also went for it. I never knew the point of kissing is to cover up both places people breath out of (Nate I told you, you can learn things from Reality TV... see you tonight ;)). The winners of the spit collecting kissing contest were Blake and Ella. Each one, won a rose and an opportunity to lose their virginity all over again on TV.

Ella's date was first. She choose to go with Kirk which I thought was so cute. I know they are partner's but I think there could be a spark! They took off in a hot little red car to their dinner location where they realized they are the best people in the house and the only ones who truly deserve the money. They then got to ride in a hot air balloon. Ella showed Kirk why she won the competition and he realized, that is not who he voted for!

Blake ended up taking Holly, not his partner Melissa who is completely psycho, on his date. That created a big mess in the house as Holly is the ex-fiance of Michael, who broke up with her because he loves her?!?! I get that Holly is confused but pretty sure she wants her cake and wants to rub it over as many men as possible and lick it off too. Sorry men, she is the typical women searching for the perfect man... because those exist LOL. For the date, Blake and Holly flew to a ski sloop. Holly didn't know how to ski and it was probably the funniest thing ever. Face plant after face plant haha!! They did look like they had a great time but I am a secret fan of Holly and Michael. Of course Holly ended up kissing Blake after he gave a cheesy line. The thing everyone loves about him drives me nuts... his horse teeth. THOSE THINGS ARE BRIGHT! They ended up doing it staying the night together and getting Michael's panties in a bunch.

The morning after Holly and Blake's date, Michael professed he love for Holly. Don't worry men, she has plenty of leg to go around. Seriously... how is that fair?! My leg is from her knee to her foot but at least my butt is bigger than hers... got her good!

At the rose ceremony this week I thought maybe this is when Casey and Vienna would go home but of course people are so brainwashed... if they win, I will state that I am nevering watching this show again (even though we all know I will)! Unfortunately there was really no fighting who got kicked off which is Melissa, the girl who needs a hamburger and William, the wall flower.

Next Week:
I really hope Blake hooks up with Erica and they show him wearing her tiara! It's amazing how two things are so powerful ;)

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