Monday, August 1, 2011

The Bachelorette: Men Tell Ashley "I think we are all better off!"

It was Funday Sunday yesterday with a Bachelorette "Men Tell All" show! Big surprise with ABC's editing, we thought it was going to be a doosey and when Chris Harrison tells us "You don't want to miss this, it's the most shocking Men Tell All ever" we still believe him! And what did we think was going to be the best part of all... Bentley would be there! But unfortunately he lost his balls and wasn't able to find them prior to the show!

Here are some highlights from the night:

  • Sneak Peak of the Bachelor Pad II: HOW EXCITED was anyone else to see Graham was going to be on this season... HOLLA! I also am pumped to see Ames is getting the loving he deserves on this upcoming show.

  • William (Hottie with a dimple who turned out to be quite the female cleanser) got put in his place by the men. He is the only one who thinks he is funny. You could see though that he doesn't mean to hurt people's feelings, he's just a moron.
  • Ryan Solar is still a cheese head. Him and Tensley actually might be good for each other!
  • Tim the drunkerd of the first episode is actually hilarious and has a funny personality! I mean, really Ashley should of gave him a chance like Brad gave her all season as she was wasted 3/4 of the time.
  • Ames has apparently swooned others hearts like mine because the crowd reaction for him was amazing! I do heart him, though he looks a little silly! Such a gentleman. Something I thought was hilarious though is that someone mentioned he doesn't turn his head, he turns his whole body.. I'm like OMG that is it!!! lol
  • Michelle Money showed up again to talk about Bentley and tried to pull down her shirt but there was nothing to pull down #whataslore
  • Anyone notice that Constantine wasn't asked to sit in the hot seat?! Bad hair= Bad ratings!
  • Ashely took advice from some of my least favorite Bachelor/Bachelorettes... Ali, Jason, and DeAnna. I mean really... 1. DeAnna who did it twice and isn't with either man 2. Jason who dumped his choice instantly and 3. Ali, well she just drives me nuts.
  • And lastly to no surprise, Ashely wore a dress she took scissors to and died her hair from a box!
All in all, it was quite a disappointing "Men Tell All", guess that shows you how interesting the men were this season.

I am not 100% convinced she is happy. Did you see her face the entire show? Did she choose someone? Are they still together? I think she would be happy with both guys, but I think she is more JP's type. TONIGHT WE FIND OUT who get's Brad's leftovers!

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