Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Bachelorette: I'll Take Another Tat Over a Bottle of Wine!

As one of the final two put it "All good things end badly, that's why they end" and they did for one of the final two bachelors! Last night was the final episode of Ashley the "Overtly Emotional" Bachelorette's season! Going into the final show, I was honestly on the fence about who I thought A. She would choose and B. Who was the best for her. In the end, just like every girl at one point in their lives, she chose the "bad boy" but there was a lot that led up to that point so let's get started...

This week in Figi Ashley's parents joined her to help her make a decision. Along with the mother and step-dad came Ashley's brother and beast of a sister. You know if I was God (or who Darwin said created us) then I would be pretty pissed at someone covering up my work with graffiti. Ashley's sister is such a beautiful girl but you can't help but think the ink has gone to her head! You'll understand in a bit!

The first man to meet the family was J.P.. I honestly thought he would fit in better than Ben because he seemed to be more of the family's type. WRONGO!! From the get go, sister no likey! Just after 15 minutes she tells Ashley AND J.P. that she doesn't see it and there is nothing you can do to change her mind. J.P. is of course hurt and so is Ashley. Later we find out the sister has been married and divorced already. I mean, listening to advice from her is basically like listening to a girl say "The only way to really make sure you don't get pregnant is to pull out" COME ON! Ashley, though mad at her sister, looked like she started to question things which then brought out J.P.'s NY side with a F word flying every other sentence! So that date was a bust!

Ben met the family the next day and INSTANTLY hit it off with them. It seemed as though all their personalities and quirky sides went really well together. The sister was smitten. Pretty sure she was the one who wanted Ben! She even went easy on him with all the questions. Honestly you could see how much more comfortable the family felt with all of Ben's money he had to offer Ashley :). Just kidding, they really did appear to like him more.

So after the She Devil Tattoo Hurricane called Ashley's sister got her fangs into each guy, it was time for individual dates. First up was Benny Boo Boo! What was with the hat, I don't know... a little too much for me ontop of his hair! They flew a helicopter to a place where there was a mud pool. As they rubbed each other with the mud, I started to get uncomfortable and catching myself not looking... I mean nothing is private with this girl, guess that is why she makes good TV! I screamed out loud when she took the mud and shoved it under her top... I MEAN REALLY?!?! She did the old nip and tuck! Later that night they met at Ben's hotel room. I love how ABC has now removed the seating in rooms and just left a bed... here is where you will sit/spoon/grope! I thought it was really cute when Ben finally told her that he loved her. From the way she attacked him after he said that I thought she obviously felt the same way. Come to find out there was some champagne on his lips and you know this girl and not wanting to miss a drop!

Then it was J.P.'s last chance to win her heart. Instantly when they showed Ashley this date, I thought she either had a boob job over night or that top she had on was 100% pad... YOWSERS! Anyhow, they had a long conversation about what happened the day before and J.P. told her that he is madly in love with her. I felt like he rushed it and didn't say it at the most romantic time and the way Ashley just kissed him on the cheek after, didn't make me think she was into it either! But apparently I was wrong because the next shot was of them making out and J.P. taking off her towel... WHAT IS GOING ON?!?! "Hey huh... move your booty a little to the right so we can get the money shot"!! Later that night in J.P.'s hotel room, they sat on the bed and J.P. gave her a book he made her. I actually thought that was really cute and I liked how he said, we can fill it up if you choose me. So though they had some ups and downs this episode, I felt like it ended well.

The Proposal(S)
Both men got rings from Neil Lane to propose to Ashley with. I do have to say I was a fan of Ben's because it was a little different.

I'm not going to lie, I ate up everything that ABC was feeding me this episode. They played up Ben and Ashley's love so much and made you feel like her and J.P. just weren't that compatible. By the end, I was actually rooting for Ben. He just seemed so confident and sincere. Well you can see where this is going...

Ben arrived first and actually GOT DOWN on his knees. I mean seriously... how could she let him do that?!?! And needless to say, she told him it wasn't him. He was, rightfully so, pissed! I mean wouldn't you be after this girl who dumped you made you do your "dog voice" on TV? I felt bad for Ben because he really thought he was the one. Listen Ben, I don't think Momma Ben and Sister Ben would of taken your in laws to high tea so you are probably better off!

So who won Ashley's heart... J.P.. He told her how madly in love he was and got down on one knee. When he opened the box, Ashley thought "Dang, I liked the other ring better" but said yes anyways :)! After all is said and done, I know I gave Ashley a lot of flack this season but the truth is she didn't choose to wear no bra all the time, and ABC told her to be a slore as much as possible so really it's not her to blame. And everyone needs love. I do actually think in the end, she chose the right person. I think he is a better fit for her and vice versa. On the after the rose, she and J.P. looked really in that love/infatuation stage where you can't stop sucking face. I would say these two actually might have a chance... good luck to the happy couple!

So I know the initial reaction after the last episode of a Bachelor/Bachelorette season is to be sad and ask yourself ... "What will I do now with my Monday nights", but have no fear... BACHELOR PAD II is here!

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