Friday, April 1, 2011

charming CHARLIE

No I didn't get a dog and no I'm not leaving Nathan for a guy named Charlie, but I am completely in LOVE!

How do you have bad Fridays? Truly I do not know because I look forward to this day all week :)! But somehow this morning was a tornado! Luckily I have FAB Friends at work that can pull me out of my workcoma :)!

The too die for Kristi Lacle always knows just the right thing to help me remember that I am an actual FUN person outside of these four three walls (cubicles...they are the best). It could be a vent session, chocolate cupcakes, and or today's magic ... SHOPPING!

So what am I in love with you may ask?

How did I never know about this store?? Oh yea that is right, I got married and boys don't like to shop so I know every online retail store there is but if you actually have to step a foot in the store to know the merchandise...that has become a thing of the past. Well until today, when Lacle took me shopping over lunch.

I walked in and about passed out. Not only was it the most amazing one stop shop... it was color coordinated...GET SERIOUS! I think the workers were laughing at me but I doubt I am the only lover of shopping to have that reaction while walking into that store for the first time. Red, Yellow, Pink, Black, Beige, Orange, and on, and on! Where do my eyes go to ... the purses, shoes, jewelry, ahhhh there was so much! But don't worry, not like Forever 21 too much, like just enough too much (Women will understand that phrase)!

Needless to say, I totally did some damage. Not too much though so hoping to go again this weekend with my mother! I checked out and Lacle goes "Ummm your hubby is going to be mad". I go "Oh no girl, I have saved the SB (Shopping Budget) and there is more where that came from :)". There is something refreshing about knowing you are not spending over-budget and are going to get grilled about it later haha!

Before going to charming CHARLIE must knows:
  • Take a brutally honest friend. This is no different than regular shopping. You need someone to talk you off that bad shirt or accessory ledge.
  • Important for out of towners: Return policy is 14 DAYS!
  • Ask for a bag to put all your finds in! Before you know it, you've run out of arms and fingers to hold it all!
  • Most to all over their jewelry, purses, clothes, and accessories are priced between $4.97 and $49.97. I mean... just at the price where you go... "I can't pass up this deal"!
  • Go there with money in your SB! And if you don't have an SB ... you can't see, but I'm giving you the finger!

As you can tell, I am beyond excited!! And this great discovery I have stumbled upon, made my day! So if you are ever in KC and need a shopping buddy... you know my number! And if you don't know my number well, I'll probably see you there ;)!

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