Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nathan & I Are Finally Ready...

...to be proud parents of ... HERBS :)! I know what you are thinking...this is a huge step for us! You are probably right but we've managed to keep our other plants alive for a while now, so we are giving herbs a try!

(Yes those are my new gardening gloves my mom got me that I thought were necessary to use for this "inside" project! PS I guess you aren't supposed to wash the dirt off because they are only going to get dirty again. But I wanted to keep them like new :)

So often, if you cook, you think to yourself "so glad I wasted money on a whole bundle of parsley or basil" when you only needed a pinch of it. We are hoping this herb garden will solve our problems...or save us money because according to my husband...every penny counts!

We are starting off with the basics.
  • Oregano
  • Basil
  • Parsley
  • Cilantro
So now we have children! Way easier than real life human beings and if they die, they are just plants! Though I have grown quite attached watching them grow, so there might be a tear!

After we planted them, we basically watered dirt for a while. Not too exciting! But one day Oliva made her appearance. You can go ahead and start the jokes now but we (mostly me) named each herb. Oregano (Oliva), Basil (Berk), Cilantro (Carly), and Parsley (Pablo)...can you guess which one Nate named??! I'd say when we have real children, I might get two votes and him none!

Then slowly but steadily Pablo and Berk sprouted! Now, mind you this is all while Nate has been in Delaware for work. I called him and said "Oliva sprouted, it's so exciting". He asked me to send a picture which I did but then I proceeded to tell him "This is just like when our kids will take their first steps and you won't be here to watch". His response was "Hold them down until I am around". It made me think of this movie...


Anyhow...we are such proud parents :)

FYI our late bloomer Carly just sprouted this morning so we are in business!

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  1. Come on...HERBS! Are you kidding me?
    Get on the baby train!