Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pre-Easter Celebration

My family just loves much so that we celebrate each about 2 to 3 times a year ;) (This happens when parents remarry and then you get married...extended families). So this past weekend we went to my mom's house for an early Easter.

Before everyone got to the house on Saturday evening though, my mom, Nathan, and I took the munchkins (Carter & Kennedy- Tony, my brother's kids) to a store that had miniature trains that went around and around on tracks.

My mom's friend Virginia was married to Jack who collected more trains than anyone I have ever known and now they put them on display for the town. As you can see Carter was infatuated! He wanted to ride a train so bad. I told him to join the circus, his mom probably won't like that but I just got done reading "Water for Elephants" so it was the first thing that came to mind :)!

I told Kennedy to go pose in front of the store's sign. Maybe I should of rethought the word "pose"...

I also went to hug Nathan in the store and Kennedy came up beside me and hugged me. Talk about cuteness. I'd say this girl knows what she is doing ;)!

Not only was it Pre-Easter weekend it was also Prom! Kennedy even had to get a Prom outfit! Sparkly vest and all. Carter was her date whether he like it or not!

I'd have to say, this girl had the best accessory I have ever seen walking into a Prom.

And not to spoil the surprise but Ali, this is your bridesmaid dress for Halley's wedding! If you can't see...the dress has peacock feathers on it...Halley's favorite!

Carter lasted about 15-20 minutes at Prom and had, had enough...probably like most men at this point. So we all headed to the playground. Yes that is me sitting on the purple dinosaur. I was impressed I still fit (sort of)!

Going up and down the play gym and down the slides makes me rethink waiting to have kids as it was exhausting. But not that exhausting... so do get any ideas :)!

I also attempted to do a pull up. If you are looking for the after shot of when I had pulled myself up...this is it! When all your weight is located in the bottom half of your body this is as good as it gets!

When everyone arrived Saturday night, we all hung out and listened to my oldest brother, Tony, tell us how much he had won at the Casino on the way to town. He kept saying "Duh, Winning", so when he went to bed I took his winnings from his wallet and left a note saying "Duh, Losing"...CLASSIC!

Sunday we had a family dinner with my Grandma and Uncle Jim and then after just played around and had some fun. Here are a few pictures from the afternoon.

Tony & Carter fishing.

Chad showing his great baseball form. To bad form doesn't always translate to contact ;) JK Chad.

Beth & Kennedy a.k.a Twins

Mom & Carter doing yoga! You know it has to be done at every family event. Sorry mom, I think Carter has you on this one!

Kennedy & I doing the tango!

My brothers, Nathan, and I watching the kids Easter egg hunt. (Yes this is the only pose I know)

I so enjoy spending time with my family! It just doesn't happen enough but when it does, I cherish it!

I'll leave you with this final note. Though Jon, couldn't be with us physically this weekend, I'm pretty sure his spirit was...


  1. Oh my - what a great post!
    1. Halley is going to be ticked at you for spoiling her wedding surprise. :)
    2. Looks like Katie Koester got Kennedy's hair straight for prom.
    3. The last pic of Carter and Jon - AMAZING!

  2. Thanks Ali!

    1. I haven't heard "ticked" in a long time...that made me giggle!

    2. What my client (Kennedy) wants she gets! Though she bumped the straightener with her foot and wasn't a fan! I may not have a repeat customer lol!

    3. And they also taught Carter how to rub his hands's hilarious!