Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mourning the Bachelor Breakup!

I've had some requests to blog about the most recent Bachelor Breakup...

Brad Womack & Emily!

I am not going to lie...I have been avoiding it like the plague because I didn't want it to be true :(. At first I had my hopes high when it came out in "OK" because we all know that magazine is pure trash yet we all know we can't get enough! Then Life & Style wrote about it which means there is some truth behind the rumors! But keep some hope alive with me people, it hasn't come out in People yet!! Let me explain this...

Reading stories from OK Magazine means you heard the rumor from your best friend from middle schools oldest brother's ex girlfriend's Nanny when she was a child.

Reading stories from Life & Style Magazine means you heard it from your current best friend's college roommate's husband that works in the industry.

And finally reading stories from People Magazine is like hearing Justin Timberlake loves me directly from his mouth!

If I let go of my denial, I realize it's probably true that they are no longer together! Here are my thoughts on why either of them called it quits...

Emily's Reasons:
  • "I now have to go to his TV therapist with him"
  • "He keeps asking if I will accept this rose"
  • "He still refuses to go to second base while Ricki is upstairs sleeping"

Brad's Reasons:
  • "Wow...did you see her on the After the Rose show...what a bitch!"
  • "I choose a blonde bombshell not a dirty blonde"
  • " mean I can't have sex with anyone else? She lives in a different time zone"
  • "I can't call my daughter Ricki Ticki"

Until the next Bachelor Disaster Love Story...

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