Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ladies... Gentlemen... RING THE ALARMS!

Halley (our little Xtina lover) is getting married! Ryan she is your problem bundle of joy now ;)

In all seriousness though, Halley has always been a partner in crime since we were young! I could always count on her to stay in with me on Friday nights in high school (we were losers with no Bf's...oh how the times have changed), memorize and then dance choreography from"Save the Last Dance" and "Christina Aguilera's Dirty Video", and of course to share my love for N'Sync!

Most people know her for being voted "Most Beautiful Eyes" in high school, driving a duck tape mobile that caught fire in high school, and her brutal honesty (which I LOVE)!

I actually think I might cry when she walks down the aisle because of how beautiful she will be and how AMAZING her hair is going to look ;)!

But before she ties the knot to a great guy named Ryan, we needed to have a bridal shower! Halley is OBSESSED with peacocks...and why wouldn't you be?! They are beautiful :)! She'd probably own them one day if she wasn't terrified of EVERYTHING! So Ryan, you got lucky! So obviously peacocks would be the most appropriate theme for the party!

This couldn't of been any more easy from a decorating stand point! A little background...when we were little, we obviously lived in a small town, so there wasn't a large Zoo to visit. But you know those small town people...they are resourceful! So my school used to visit my Grandpa's farm. He had deer, mules, chickens, bulldogs, dogs, birds, rabbits, pigs, and peacocks! So you can imagine where I went to get some feathers! If you ever want to know where my sarcastic personality comes from, you need to be in a room with my Grandpa, Father, and me. MAN...I never laugh so hard!

Can you see the orange chicken running around?

The day of the shower, was complete chaos! My mom and I were running around like crazy women trying to get things ready! Let's just say someone almost lost a toe! Now looking back..those little weenies kind of gross me out after that thought haha!

I also made Oreo Lovin' Cupcakes. Thanks for the recipe Lindsey! Not quite the baker like you but I try :).

Then Ali Moore, the other hostess, showed up with her food/decorations and we were ready for the party! We had a great turn out and everyone had fun...especially Halley! One other thing you need to know about Halley is she loves presents and cameras so this was a perfect scenario. Here are some fun shots of the party!

Can't wait for the big day!

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