Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Bachelorette: Honesty is sometimes NOT the best policy!

Though I struggle to watch Ashley each week as the Bachelorette, I have to give it to her that some parts of her are growing on me, and this season has and looks to be one of the more entertaining! I have questioned most of her ridiculous choices this season, but she finally got dumped came to her senses and put the last period to the . . .

Hong Kong was the new adventure this week. Is it me or are they choosing what I would consider, though never having been there, NOT romantic places for them to travel to. That might be a clue of what happens in the end, though I hope not!

Something else to note before we get to the dates, is it was see through week on the Bachelorette!! EVERY shirt she had on, I could see through. I am pretty sure the next step is pasties!

How does this week start... with an impromptu date with none other than BENTLEY (Drink Koesters... they drank each time they said "Bentley" during the show. I only can imagine how interesting their night turned out ;)). I gagged when they kissed first thing... listerine it out Ashley! They then proceeded to talk and Bentley just waited to hear how much she still likes him and misses him. Long story short (just like him), he tells her "well I think you should get to know the other guys" and then starts doing this "evil I have mind f'd you for the past how many weeks smile"...UGH! Then Ashley goes "So I guess this is the period". HOLY CRAP... are you serious... WHY ARE YOU ASKING?!?! Mentally beat her again Bentley she apparently likes it. I love how she does her interview after and says "F U Bentley"... Oh man ... you got him good! Sayonara the Big D B!

Moving on FINALLY... the second first date this week went to Lucas. I am going to be really honest, I just don't like the guy. Notice how our emotionally ra-tarded Bachelorette never thinks, "Hmmm, he fell out of love with his first wife, I wonder if that could happen again". Instead it's "Maybe I am the girl that will change this guy and be his one true love". The whole date was them walking around Hong Kong, trying new foods, enjoying the views, and then they got to ride a boat on the river later that night. Lucas just looked so uncomfortable. You could tell he would rather be at home with a dip in and cleaning his gun. Do not get me wrong... I love country men, but I don't love men that don't want to experience all there is in life! Ashley, ended up kissing him as they were laughing and talking. He was like "was that are first kiss" and Ashley was goes "oh, I guess, don't get too excited, I do that to everyone". So like any man, once you give them some lovin', they think buttons start popping off your clothes. The rest of the night was spent feeling each others tonsils with their tongues.

The group date was next! Of course it was some random boat racing competition the men had to compete in with no prize but a gold dragon trophy. Ashely come on... they don't want a gold dragon, they want to stick their dragon... forget it you are hopeless! I love how production split up the teams ... Bad Hair (Constantine & Ben F.), Arch Enemies (Blake & Ryan), and finally Juice Heads (Mickey & Ames). Of course the steroid twins win, Mickey and Ames! I did appreciate the bad hair team's kamonos... nice touch! So after the uneventful race, they met up for dinner that night. Everyone was after the rose that night. Ames, molested her in the elevator. Hell, I was even waiting for floor 48 so they could get off... of the elevator that is! Ben F. also got some tongue action. I am convinced he is there until the end, but I just don't know if I see it between them yet. She ends up giving her one rose to Ryan after he creepidly kissed her hand in the middle of conversation. RED FREAK FLAG ASHLEY!! The guys were not happy!

So who is left for the one on one... none other than J.P. (or Jordan Paul) that has already had a one on one! They just look so natural and comfortable with each other. Lets stop though and discuss her saggy boob pocket shirt she was wearing. WTF?!?!? Sorry, side tracked! Anyhow, she told J.P. at dinner about how Bentley came to Hong Kong because she wasn't sure about her feelings. He took it pretty well. You could tell he was thinking "she won't show me her goods later if I freak... play it cool"! She acted like she was a saint for telling him. It's like "since I am mad at my husband I should just trip him when he walks... that would make me feel better"! But all was good in "Jashlep" land! They then took a train ride in the dark, because they wanted to see the city?? Needless to say, those two are pretty cute together. They look like each other which is a sign I think...

At the rose ceremony, let's again stop and talk about Ashley's dress of the night. STUNNING! Surprisingly not see through but I did notice they inserted two entire fake boobs in the top so that she had cleavage!

Anyhow, right off the bat since J.P. took it so well, she tells the guys about Bentley and how he finally dumped her she has moved on after seeing him in Hong Kong. GOOD LORD they are pissed! Lucas & Constantine seemed more mad then anyone. Blake acts too cool for school and makes her cry. Buddy you're teeth are not that great! And then finally Mickey tells her to send him home. So Mickey ended up leaving on a boat! Even though I liked Mickey, I never thought Ashley was his type anyway.

When she passed out the roses, the only one who did not get one was the mean guy, Blake. I love how he wanted to act all cool and let her know she did wrong but then said he really wanted to stay... on vacation you mean!

That was a crazy episode, but it looks like it only gets better from here! I don't know about anyone else, but the producers did a great job of confusing the heck out of me! I have no clue who comes back and who is there until the end. Of course we all have guesses though...

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