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Nathan and I recently got to travel to Boston to help celebrate my friend/co-worker's wedding! Candis, who I now lovingly call Candi, used to be my boss and didn't fire me so of course I grew a fondness of her for not doing that and we became friends! It wasn't long after that, that I met Sameer, who is genuinely one of the nicest people I have met! When Candi & Sammer finally decided where they were going to get married, I instantly called Kelly, who also worked for Candis and did not get fired ;), and basically said "When are you flying out... Thursday or Friday"! There was no doubt in my mind that seeing Candi & Sameer tie the knot would be an experience I would not want to miss and who better to share it with than Candi's other little duckling Kelly!

Friday before the wedding Nathan and I started our trek to Boston, actually Cape Cod, where the wedding was going to be which we now call "the Cape" so we fit in up there!

As we were driving we noticed Massachusetts had some crazy names for places. For instance, I found this exit one I wanted to avoid...

No "Rocky Nook" for me please!! Everyone to their own I suppose :)

I also thought it quite hysterical that no matter if you went to Subway, CVS, DQ, Flower Shop, etc.. all the buildings looked the same. I mean what a reality check it would be to walk into a strip club thinking it was Subway and ask for the "works"!

We stopped before we got to the hotel and picked up some energy adult drinks... BOOZE if I have to spell it out for you. Nathan, in honor of the happy couple got some IPA (India Pale Ale) :).

Unfortunately I did not make it in time for the Mehndi where Candis and a few of the other girls got their henna for the wedding but fear not... those pictures are to come! But we did make it to the beautiful rehearsal dinner. A seafood pasta in Cape Cod... yes please :)! After the wonderful dinner, have no fear, the party didn't stop there! Apparently all the cool kids were going to the Chatham Squire so we thought... we're in!

It didn't take long with things like this happening...

For this to happen...

Candis goes "I looked over and thought, who is that and then saw Kelly and I and was like... OF COURSE". I just told her "I thought this is why you invited us"! No longer will I let Kelly dress or should I say "undress" my husband in a bar in Cape Cod!

Needless to say we had a great time!

As the night went along though, we noticed Kelly & Amanda's henna was a lot darker than everyone else's. We are pretty sure the ladies who did it played a trick on them!

We love Candi!

...apparently so does Sameer's brother ;)!

Saturday we woke, surprisingly in not bad shape :) and decided to explore the Cape :). We asked the waitress where we should go and she said "P Town" which after being in the Cape for one day I realized she meant Provincetown. Though she said it was and I quote "wicked cool", we were over an hour away so we decide to just stay and explore the towns around Cape Cod.

We found what we thought was a beautiful beach/area, which it was, but later realized it was also where the wedding would be! So cool! We headed to the beach where there was a sign that said "Private Beach Members Only" and "No Dogs Allowed". We figured we met 1 out of 2 criteria so that was good enough!

Along the way to the beach I saw a house I would die to own one day. SO CUTE!

Also a boat with a condom! "Stern to tip, cover your ship"!

The view once we got to the beach was priceless!

It made me feel like singing... "I've got my toes in the water...

ass in the sand..."

What a fun group to explore the Cape with!

Anybody a movie buff like me and has seen " Something's Gotta Give" a million times? This stair case reminded me of the movie. I made Nathan go up and down them a couple times just to be safe ;)

A couple other random things I noticed while we were out sightseeing is that to move to the Cape, Nathan's wardrobe would be to go from brown/black to ALL PASTEL! Look, even the dogs chain...

Also, I have never seen crazy signs like this before! More importantly now looking at the picture I guessed why the guy's jacket was tied up to high, but then I saw it was to make room for his fanny pack. Got it!

Kelly finally got to eat Lobster, while I wore mine :)! Yes I bought this hat in case anyone is taking a trip to Boston sometime soon and wants to borrow it.

FINALLY IT WAS TIME FOR THE BIG EVENT... Candis & Sameer's Wedding (#sammyluvscandy & #sameerluvscandy... sorry got excited and changed the hash tag half way through lol)!

I had a hot date and I was ready!

The view was to die for!

Can you tell Candis used to/will always be an event planner. The details were amazing.

The grandparents and Sameer's parents started off the ceremony with a gorgeous walk down to the alter.

The groomsmen followed by Sameer made their way to their spots.

Then the bridesmaids starting to come down the aisle. I thought it was quite comical that after Wendy walked down the aisle the "men bridesmaids" appeared out of no where! It was like they fell in line after their queen bee. There were more bridesmaids but I thought this picture was cute!

Once everyone was in place, Sameer was covered so that he could not see Candis. Kelly said she never knows whether to look at the groom or the bride and this Indian tradition solves that problem :)!

It was time! Candis started making her way down the long rubble path to stand face to face with her future, Sameer!

I loved the details they added in of a traditional Indian wedding.

The roses...

The Saptapadi, which is when both the bride and groom take seven steps together while reciting mantras.

The necklace Sameer gave Candis. He was having some troubles as it was tangled, but Candis was a good future wife letting him get it undone, but you could see on her face she was thinking "I could have this undone by now" lol!

I loved that they poured sand rather than lighting candles. It's something they can keep forever as a memory.

And then the moment we all had been waiting for... the kiss! Tears...

What a great looking couple.

Then it was time for the reception. After a wedding like that though, Candi & Sameer couldn't merrily walk into the reception, they had to float ;)! Yes, one of the coolest things I have ever seen!

Here are some note worthy moments at the reception:

We had a super fun table!

Again Candis with the details... each table was named after a place the happy couple had been together. Luckily we got to go to Maui!

The first dance was great. You could tell that afternoon of dance classes really paid off ;)

Want to know what true love looks like?

So why does Nathan now LOVE Sameer & Candi... there was a cigar roller at the wedding. I took a picture because I knew you wouldn't believe it if you didn't see it!

The food... Indian, American, Mexican, and on and on and on! I wanted everything... so that is what I got :)

I carried over that theory to the drinks as well :)

Have you ever seen the dancing in "Slumdog Millionaire"? I did in real life!

The sarees! I am little a miffed at Candi for not telling me to wear one. I totally feel like I could of rocked one ;)

Kelly was quite a dancing machine at the beginning of the night so we didn't want her wine to get hot ;)...

Fishing weights to hold down a dress on a windy day... genius!

Bridesmaid Bling.

Kelly caught the bouquet... that I threw at her :)

Candi's Henna! Can you see Sameer's name??? SO COOL!

Sameer gave something to Candis prior to the wedding that made me realize he is not only after Candis's heart but all women's'... JIMMY CHOO SHOES!!!

The good looking groom...

...and his bride. Love you Candi!


After an amazing night celebrating, Sunday we headed to Boston to spend our last day of vacation where any red blooded American should in Boston... at Fenway!!

The atmosphere was amazing! If the Royals had this type of fan base we would possibly win more often! Then again, if we won more often we might have this type of fan base! Here are some fun shots of the game.

Nate and I are pretty sure we want to name our kid...

How cute are these little Red Sox fans... they start them young there!

We bought shirts before we went to the game, so we would fit in :), and Nate prayed that the player on his shirt was still playing lol! Lucky for him...

We had a great time plus they won!

To round out the trip I felt like I needed to see an actual "Historical Landmark" so we drove by here... Where everyone knows your name!!

Lastly a fun fact for you that Nathan my engineer husband shared with me. The Boston Bridge. I pointed out how cool I thought it looked, and leave it to my husband to take this as a learning opportunity for me. Apparently this bridge is really unsafe as the weight barring poll is above the bridge in the middle having all it's lines run from there out to the side of the bridge. After it snows and ices over when it starts to melt, it is dangerous to drive on the bridge because of falling ice. Interesting huh?!

Anyhow, Nate and I had an amazing time in Boston and the Cape at Candis & Sameer's wedding. The wedding was definitely one of a kind and we were happy to be a part of it! Best wishes to the happy couple! Apparently Dieter (Kelly) is next since I threw a bouquet at her ;)

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