Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Does This Girl Look 26?

Probably not, because this picture was taken when I was 25, but look it or not, as of today I am 26! I have been struggling with turning this age a little. The other morning I woke up and go "Nathan, my life is one fourth over". He goes "You think you will live to 104"? Hi Nate, here's my book of what NOT to say lol!! But like it or not, 26 is my new age!!

In trying to think more positive about living for 26 years, I would like to share some thoughts with everyone...

26 Interesting Things I Have Learned
  1. Beer Bongs are named "Beer" bongs for a reason! A.K.A bonging jungle juice is a HUGE mistake unless you like seeing it go down and back up!
  2. Telling your husband to put the toilet seat down can backfire on you! So now instead of putting just the seat down, he puts the lid down as well so I have to do something to pee as well...BURN!
  3. Buying a new car with your student loans does not mean your student loans go away lol ;)
  4. Eating Reese's Pieces by the pound and drinking gallons of Mt. Dew WILL make you a big boned child.
  5. Living with a boy will never make you appreciate living with 4 other girls so much in your life!
  6. Being on a budget MIGHT be a good thing! (Don't tell Nate)
  7. Spending time with family you love is one of the most important things in your life!
  8. Double yellow lines on the road means you can't pass... I don't feel like that is on the driver's test!
  9. If you live in Kansas, you can convince your husband that Victoria Secret models are not real!
  10. Ketchup goes on everything including Mac & Cheese! Have you tried it...that is what I thought!
  11. Jean shorts should only be worn to County Stampede IF ANYWHERE, contrary to what my college pictures say!
  12. Lasik surgery is a gift from GOD!
  13. If you cried in High School running...ok walking most of a day you could run a 1/2 marathon :).
  14. The Hangover Movie CAN happen! Just ask my friends Shal & Katie... oh if my apt. walls could talk...we would know what the HELL happened lol!
  15. Drunk dialing someone you are dating 20 times in one night can back fire on you unless you are dating the ONE...right Nate ;).
  16. If you can sleep in a full bed with your husband for over 2 years and both people are still talking to each other... that is a HUGE accomplishment.
  17. Jumping out of a plane is awesome! The only thing that could make it better? Looking over and seeing your mom about to do the same thing!
  18. Body surfing at a KSU football game is an amazing feeling until you hit a patch of girls :(.
  19. Whoever invented Spinning hates BREATHING!
  20. Having a car that starts without a key is convenient and fun until your high school guy friends think it's funny to play hide and go seek with it!
  21. I am convinced that even though Matthew McConaughey does not where deodorant that his natural body smell is of an Abercrombie & Fitch model.
  22. Even though some people are in your life only for a short period of time, the can change it forever!
  23. You could bounce a quarter off Rascal Flatts's butts! Believe me... Halley Spellman and I know ;)!
  24. Watching your husband and mother run a race against each other after a night of drinking is priceless!
  25. When someone says "Just a second, I need to put on some chapstick"... he might be proposing to you so be ready :)!
  26. If you want to be rich, marry someone smart or buy lottery tickets. I have done both to try to increase my chances! So far I am still hanging with the common folk if that tells you anything ;)
Since yesterday was my last day as a 25 year old and also the "National Running Day", I decide to tie up my laces and hit the pavement. Right when I go outside...what does it do? RAIN the entire run! It's good to know if there is ever a monsoon in Kansas I can still get places! Plus, I figured if it rains on your wedding day, that is good luck so the same theory has to go along with birthdays....So here's to hoping for an amazing 26th year of my life!

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  1. Hey Katie! It's April, the crazy girl who did your nails. :) Happy belated birthday! This list totally cracked me up. I hope you pursue your art; don't be lazy like me! Haha.

    P.S.- I totally agree with #21! ;)