Monday, June 13, 2011

The Bachelorette: Snooze Fest

Let me start of this week by saying HOW BORING this episode was. All Ashley did was go on dates with boring guys and mope around missing Bentley. Hell, I almost started to miss him after this week! Also I think he might of left one week too early as Ashley started wearing underwear for shorts. Can anybody give me a HOOOHA! (The picture doesn't do the shortness justice!!)

This week started off with Constantine finally getting a date! I thought, maybe this will help me see past his bad hair. But now instead of his hair all I see are his orange shorts. Hmmm remind you of anyone?? Vanessa Gower (Calcara) will be so excited I put a picture of ED in this week's blog. Seriously V... I still don't get it!

Ashley was in her Bentleymood when they didn't get to go on the original date but I loved how Constantine was so positive and was like "hey hoochie, we are in Thailand and you have underwear on as shorts, everything is great!" This of course coming from the man in Addias sandals... OMG! Their date was a fun friend date and then they had a great dinner by the sea. The conversation was so... "what's your favorite color", "no way me too". Basically she had R-E_B-O-U-N-D written all over her forehead! He got the rose, but pretty sure he didn't get her flower!

Next the group date! I love how they all think she is so kind-hearted for picking a date to help the Baan San Fan Orphanage paint their walls. I'm sure ABC had nothing to do it! Plus she was all about this date because she could walk around in the rain thinking about Bentley! Mr. Solar was SUPER excited because apparently that is his thing. I know I am what my husband calls a "pessimist", personally I just think I am a realist, but his sunshine coming out of his buttocks region is almost to much for me. I mean, hasn't he ever had a dog die, broke an arm, worked 8-5?? I did however enjoy Ben F. a little this date. This is the first we have really got to listen to him talk. I think he might actually have a great personality which helps me not look at his face/hair! Him deciding to paint a mural on the way was pretty cool! Wine maker and artistic... might be a winner! Later that night J.P and Ashley had some more steamy kisses. She kept going back for more and so did his tongue. My TV screen started flashing "Nobody under the given age of 18 can legally see an R rated ..."! Unlike Constantine... I believe her flower was watered that night by J.P. Yet, she gave the rose to Ben F.!

The last man standing for a one on one was Ames. I know he has some interesting/prominent features, but there is something I have always liked about him. What is that something... well on the date, we found out that he's already been to Thailand... TWICE! Once to lay on the beach climb a mountain and the other time for cooking school! OH, and when he decided to go to cooking school he left... THAT NIGHT! Spontaneity & Money = Hell of a good time! If only I could understand him! I didn't know if you were rich/well educated you had to say "Indeed" instead of yes.
  • "You went to Harvard? Indeed"
  • "You've traveled to over 70 countries? Indeed"
  • "Your peter is a lot shorter than you let on? Indeed"
As Ames put it, Thailand looked "other worldly" which I assume he means, pretty awesome and I would have to agree! They had a great date floating on the water and then had dinner that night. She made him (and I for that matter) feel like she was going to send him home. But she said, he's so deep, and interesting a.k.a she didn't want to look like an uneducated person that can't refer to herself in 3rd person. "Ashley wants to know if you will accept this rose Ames... Indeed"! Though there were no kisses, again she gave out something much more intimate... a sneak peek of the goodies. GOOD LORD GIRL... I HOPE YOU HAVE GRANNIE PANTIES ON UNDER THERE!! But I guess if you got it rock it!

The Rose Ceremony!

Ashley felt so much better after her platonic dates this week that she was up for a rose ceremony! I mean, I guess I rag on her too much... she's was in a DARK PLACE after Bentley... it is so obvious she gave it up to him! There is no way she is that emotionally attached without losing her V card... that would be assuming she still has it which... I DON'T!

West looked super cute that night. The poor guy just wants love again!

Notice how Lucas said his marriage just lost it's passion and she asked him how he can make sure to keep it for the next relationship and he changed the subject. Yep... keep him Ashley... sounds like your type!

Really Ryan... I think he went a little far to say the reason he is happy is because he isn't a solider overseas getting morter shots!! What the hell? Then I am happy as well I suppose! What's wrong with "I just got a new dog that makes me smile"?? Sorry Kiptyn but him and Tenley are meant for each other!

Does anyone else love how Chris Harrison basically was telling Ashely to not be a RA-TARD when it comes to Bentley... I love him!!

In the end, I regret to say she got rid of West! I think she felt like she could never live up to his first wife, which is fair. But the cute men are slowly dwindling...

What's in store of us in the future ... B-E-N-T-L-E-Y! That's right people... HE'S BACKKKKKKKK!

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