Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Love!

Hopefully all of you remembered that yesterday was Father's Day! If not, I am sure Hallmark has "I am sorry I'm an ungrateful child" card. We celebrated the day with my Father in KC. My husband grilled some amazing pizza's, we watched some golf which of course means some mid-afternoon naps and then finished the day with a little "Green Leaf" as my wonderful father calls it! It's actually Orange Leaf but it was his day, so corrections were not allowed :)! We had so much fun! It's nice to actually get to do something for your parents after all they have done for you. As little as it was, it felt good just to show my appreciation to the endless love that my father has shown me over the years!

If you don't know me, my father and I well, let's just say, he might have something to do with my WONDERFUL personality ;)! He is so full of life and I love that about him. He is truly a fun person to be around and is loved my many. He has worked really hard in his life to provide the best life possible for himself and his kids. He has done a great job because I, along with my brothers, have little to complain about (well except we aren't billionaire kids who don't have to work for a living)!

It's hard to put into words, how much you love your parents and family, as there is no other unconditional, you have to forever, type of love like that. But here are some things as to why I love my dad sooooo much!

  • He is a farmer! There is something refreshing about country life and not getting caught up in the hoopla of life! Also, life lessons as a farmer are better demonstrated then just talked about. For instance, instead of telling your kids that an electric fence is hot, he told us to grab the fence and when it shocked the piss out of us he said, "ok now don't ever do that again"! Very powerful tactic!
  • My father can fall asleep in literally 2 seconds! I love him for this because he passed on this great trait ;).

  • Dance moves! Never have a seen a man break out in as many random dance moves as my father. Driving in a car or walking to the bathroom, that in its self requires him to bust a move! Again... an amazing trait he passed on ;)
  • His wit :). Some people think our family is sarcastic... which ok... we are! But in our circle... we like to use the word "wit". Sounds like more of a positive characteristic lol! Get with my family in the room, you better be on your toes!
  • His use of words! "Copy that", "Over and Out", "Oh whatever", and the list goes on!
  • The fact he took the time to be a father and teach his kids things! He taught me to drive at age 6! The truck was parked in the ditch in the road and he told me to back it up and go up the road. Needless to say I went from one ditch to the other and he patiently said after 4 times "Turn the wheel" :) Nate, you can blame him on my great driving abilities!

  • He's pet friendly! I'm sure everyone knows, but a little girl basically has her father wrapped around her finger! So between dogs, bucket calves, a cat, and a horse my father has graciously helped me raised my "wanted at the time" animals. Somehow they all died when I was not around, I'm hoping that was a coincidence father ;)

  • His love for chick flicks! Most weekends with my father were spent eating Breadeaux's breadsticks and watching the latest girly movie out! Men may make fun of that but he's actually a genius! Do you know how many hot chicks are in those movies?!?!
  • Most importantly... he convinced my mother to have me! As I have mentioned in posts prior, he promised I would be a girl. A very risky promise if you know my mother and the wrath that would of came if I had not been one lol! We are both lucky we are alive today :)

As you have read above, my father is definitely a one of a kind! I know sometimes he cringes at my decisions but he has always let me make my mistakes and figure it out as I go which I love!

Dad, you have been an amazing father to my brothers and I!

You have taught us so much along the way and I know there are more life lessons to come. I am truly blessed that you are my dad and I love you for every laugh we share!

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